Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The NEW Dektor®, now located in Pennsylvania, wants you to say “Good-Bye” to your current job that is boring and making you feel your life is going nowhere.

Do YOU want the following:

  1. I want to be proud of  my career.
  2. I want to have job security and NOT worry about job layoffs and being FIRED!
  3. I want to enjoy my career.
  4. I want to feel important in my life.
  5. I want to earn the BIG money NOW!

Dektor®  can make those wishes come true NOW!  

Accurate and reliable lie detection is in demand today, worldwide.  Whether its criminal cases, civil cases, employment screening or psychological evaluations, the PSE® and Voice Stress Analysis™ has been used in all of those areas since 1969. The demand constantly grows every day for well trained examiners and the best equipment to handle those cases. With Dektor®, you get the BEST training and the MOST modern equipment for lie detection.

The original PSE® and Voice Stress Analysis™ were invented in 1969 by two former U.S. Army Colonels of Counter-Intelligence: Colonel McQuiston and Colonel Bell. Colonel McQuiston was a government trained polygraph examiner. He knew of the limitations, drawbacks and unreliable accuracy of the polygraph. Colonel Bell was a highly trained electronics expert and a former CIA station chief in West Berlin and Seoul, Korea. After they left the service, they realized the need, in both law enforcement and the private sector for a accurate lie detection system. Together, they created the most modern and reliable system of lie detection. NO other device or gadget used today has come close to the complete reliability, effectiveness and validity of the PSE® system.

PSE® solves cases, saves manhours and that saves money, both in law enforcement and in the private sector. Accurate lie detection in pre-employment screening will find the best employee for a job. When used in post-employment screening, accurate lie detection will confirm if the employee has stayed honest and dependable.  Employment screening today is extremely valuable to a business. According to various studies, about 60% of all bankruptcies are caused by internal thefts, such as industrial espionage, embezzlement, etc. Also, for every $1 lost to shoplifters, about $20 is lost to internal theft. There are many court cases that prove if a company does not screen their employees correctly, they can be held responsible for the actions of the employee. That could mean very large lawsuits against a company. Worldwide terrorism has created a demand at airports and other sensitive areas where people must be properly screened. PSE® is used by mental health experts to find the areas of stress in adults and children. Stress can cause physical, medical or mental problems. Stress can cause abuses in eating, drinking, drugs and in many other areas.

You will never be fired, demoted or laid off again in your own business with the PSE®. Men or women, at any age, can be their own boss. You can work full time or part time. You can set your own hours to do what you want. There are NO franchises to buy. You OWN your own business. You are your own boss. You design your business your way, work the hours you want and make as much money as you want. Husbands and wives can work together. No previous special training or college is needed in this fascinating profession. I had no previous training in investigations and I had my own lie detection business for 20 years, nationwide. My clients were from coast to coast. I even used a motor home as a mobile office to test clients. Now, I am owner of Dektor® Corporation. No matter what job you had, YOU can be trained in just 10 short days. How much can you earn? In the first year, most examiners charge about $500 per test. When I became owner of Dektor®, I was charging $1,000 per test! Can YOU make that money with your job today?

Do you like sales? The entire WORLD can be your sales territory from your home or office. Instead of only doing PSE® tests, you or your spouse can make big money also selling PSE®. Your commission can be up to $2,000 per SALE! You can sell PSE® by putting ads in many types of magazines, mailing brochures or going to various types of conferences. The entire world is your territory for PSE® testing and sales.

Watch the video on our home page to see how easy the PSE® program works. Review our huge website with much more information, articles and studies about the PSE®. The PSE-7010 software program can be used in any PC (laptop or desktop), Android tablet or smartphone and Apple (IOS) I-pad or I-phone. Each PSE-7010 program is only $5,500usd. Training is only 10  days. You can be trained at the new Dektor® in Pennsylvania (USA) or you can have a instructor at any worldwide location. Training is only $2,500usd per person.  Call Dektor for details.

Start your new career and your new life today. Dektor® will take you there!

PSE® is the “Easy to Learn, Easy to Use”  lie detection system.

Arthur Herring III, President
Dektor® Corporation