APA Follies

An in-depth look into the polygraph business and its people reveals how corrupt and unprofessional both have become. A major website called www.antipolygraph.org  is devoted to that huge problem. The site reveals the many, many problems that plague the polygraph business. Dektor has no connection to the website.

For example, in late 2008, it was revealed by the news media that a major undercover police operation in Los Angeles broke up a large, well organized motorcycle gang. The motorcycle gang was using polygraph to screen its members to detect snitches and undercover cops. What made the bust successful was the undercover police officers had been trained how to beat a polygraph test. But, the APA has always claimed any type of counter-measure can be detected.  The motorcycle gang had been using a polygraph to test all members to see if they were undercover police.

Another example of polygraph troubles is at end of 2008, a polygraph examiner in Texas sued his fellow polygraph examiners because he claimed he was being denied business in what he said was a polygraph “Good old boys club” where senior members of the polygraph association would only give polygraph business to their personal friends, but not to other polygraph examiners in Texas. The list of polygraph’s problems affecting their business goes on and on.

For years, the polygraph business has refused to admit the polygraph machine can be beaten. They said that while biting their tongues because they refused to explain why they need all of those extra attached wires. For example,  foot pads that detect movement of the feet, a pad to sit on to detect movement of the butt muscles, a special chair to sit in, a drug dictionary to tell them how any drugs the person is taking will change the polygraph information, etc. Polygraph examiners should ( most don’t) do certain things before a polygraph test. For example, taking off the subjects shoes to look for tacks, testing in a empty room to avoid objects to focus on ( one of many types of counter-measures) so the subject cannot alter the information going into the polygraph, asking the subject what drugs they are taking to determine if those drugs will alter test results and more. The problem is there are many more ways to beat a polygraph test that cannot be detected. If the motorcycle gang had used the PSE, they would still be in business because the PSE is not affected by drugs, alcohol or any type of counter-measures. More and more criminals, such as drug dealers, are using polygraph to test their own people to determine if they are giving information to the police or if undercover police are trying to set them up.

About 2007, a very famous polygraph school was proven to be short changing student’s hours in their polygraph training. The APA did not decertify the school for training. Another example of why the polygraph business has a low rating among the public.

For years, the polygraph business in California has allowed a person to stay in business who sells a “45 pound” polygraph training manual as a course to anyone who wanted to buy a polygraph, train themselves and open a polygraph business. No instructor seems to be used during the course. This seller has been said to have about 50 different websites promoting this training. Some of the website addresses indicate different states where this seller operates his so called “business”.The polygraph business has not done anything of value through the years to prevent the seller from scamming people and hurting others with unreliable polygraph tests that are given by untrained polygraph examiners.

New technology always improves the quality of life for people. However, new technology will be opposed by those who will lose business because of it. For example, blacksmiths who shoed horses, were completely against the automobile in the early 1900’s. They knew they were going to lose their jobs and their income would decrease. When the PSE® was introduced in 1970, it was so revolutionary that law enforcement, business, private security and many others worldwide wanted the PSE®. From criminal investigations to employment screening, the PSE® system was proven far superior over polygraph. The polygraph business began to see the end of their business and they panicked.

The American Polygraph Association (APA) was established in 1965 and represents almost all polygraph schools and most polygraph examiners. From 1915, polygraph was the only device used for lie detection until PSE was sold in 1970. After PSE® was sold, its success skyrocketed. The APA realized the polygraph days were numbered. To try to eliminate PSE®, polygraph examiners (including APA) began a campaign of false information to try to discredit PSE® and Voice Stress Analysis. In addition, APA and polygraph examiners began to  introduce a very sneaky law in every state. This law only allowed polygraph to be used in that state. NO other type of lie detection system could be used by either the private sector or law enforcement trying to solve crimes. About 18 states at one point passed those un-American laws. The APA made the law on the surface to look like a law only pertaining to polygraph training, polygraph examiners and polygraph use. BUT, buried deep in the law was the definition of what a lie detector had to be. The lie detector MUST be a polygraph. That definition would only allow polygraph, forever, in the state.  Through the years, Dektor® has been able to get almost all of those states to repeal those very un-American. However, even today the polygraph business takes every chance to try to discredit PSE and harass anyone that is promoting it. Those actions include trying to keep it excluded in the states that still ban PSE and using “studies” that would not be considered credible on their APA website.

In 2009, the current president of the APA Nate Gordon, made a campaign promise. He said “I will lead a much more aggressive campaign against Voice Stress and other less accurate methods of detection of deception”. This is clearly a very unnatural obsession and hate against another profession. But, the polygraph business ignores the many, many problems of their own business. It will be a very long time before the APA and the polygraph business comes close to the superb, 40 year reputation of Dektor and the PSE examiners.

For decades, the APA has not been able to not stop the poor performances and abuses by polygraph examiners, including the many problems of the polygraph machine. For many years, both the local and federal government representatives had been overwhelmed with complaints by people who had experienced the many problems of the polygraph machine, polygraph examiners and the poor accuracy of both. Finally in 1988, the federal government took action. They passed the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) to try to stop the polygraph problems and abuse. That federal law restricted the use of lie detection in the workplace. Even though that federal law was passed with only the polygraph name in the title of the law (because of the countless problems caused by the polygraph and the polygraph examiners) the APA was still allowed to write part of that law because they had been allowed to have uncontrolled access into the government departments. The polygraph business gave themselves a monopoly for lie detection in the private sector areas that were excempt under the EPPA. They made sure any other type of lie detection, especially PSE, was barred from the private sector. Since PSE was introduced in 1970, PSE has always been proven superior in every way over polygraph, computer polygraph or any imitation “voice lie detector” for truth verification. The computer polygraph has been judged no better and no more accurate for truth verification than the old polygraphs from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. Those old polygraph machines, until about 1980, used inkwells to print their patterns on paper. The same type of inkwells people used to write letters about 250 years ago with a feather. The inkwells created many problems for the polygraph examiner, including clogging and running dry. A very primitive machine! The APA still allows that type of primitive polygraph gadget to be used to test people. Even a computer algorithm used today in certain computer polygraph machines has been shown to be faulty and unreliable. The so-called “alogorithm” used in the computer polygraph was paid for by the US taxpayer. It cost the taxpayer about $1 million in about 1988. Such a waste of taxpayers money and only for the benefit of the polygraph business even to this day.

The various APA and polygraph examiner’s tactics to discredit PSE are far worse than being unprofessional. For example, the APA still uses the old Kubis Study on the APA website to say PSE is not accurate. The Kubis Study was made back in the early 1970’s. The Kubis Study stated PSE was about 35% accurate. The APA fails to say the Kubis Study also said polygraph was only about 60% accurate. Just a flip of a coin. The study was paid for by the U.S. Army. But, the Army refused to accept the study because of the many design flaws in the Kubis Study. The Kubis Study did NOT use Dektor trained examiners and did NOT use Dektor testing techniques. Even the tape recordings made to be used by the PSE for analysis were extremely poor in quality. The various studies APA use to show PSE is not accurate either use pretend crimes, use polygraph test formats, and/or use well known polygraph examiners. Hardly un-biased studies for accuracy. Anyone who knows truth verification, knows crimes MUST be real to be testable by either a PSE or polygraph to achieve correct results in investigations or studies.

APA has a “secret” website www.voicestress.org.  The secret is that APA does NOT disclose who owns the site. The owner is Skippy Webb, APA board member in 2006. Webb also owns www.voicestress.com. Why would a polygraph examiner own those and other web addresses that deal with Voice Stress Analysis unless it is for the purpose of deceiving and lying to people? The facts prove the polygraph business has only wanted to deceive the public about PSE since the early 1970’s.  The www.voicestress.org  site mainly talks about cvsa, one of about 30 poor imitations of PSE sold today. The website equates PSE and all imitations of PSE are the same. The site tries to imply Voice Stress Analysis™ is not accurate for lie detection by making the reader think ALL “voice lie detectors” are the same. The APA was so scared about losing its business and members to PSE that in the early 1970’s, they made a rule that said anyone using a PSE would be thrown out of the APA organization and any polygraph training school training other lie detectors would be decertified to train polygraph. It is strange that a association that calls itself the “American” Polygraph Association does not believe in the main purpose of America: freedom of choice.

Some of the so-called “legends” in polygraph history have unusual, if not bizarre, facts to them. For example, Ed Gelb, past APA president, calls himself “Dr” (PhD). That title has been shown to be from a mail order or diploma mill type of business. Even though APA has an Ethics Committee, the APA refused to throw Gelb out as a member for such a lie about himself. Some other presidents or directors of APA also use or have used unearned “Dr” titles. But, APA did not take their memberships away. In about 2008, a APA director kept his APA membership even though he was removed as the head of the Los Angeles Police Department polygraph unit because he was changing polygraph test results in criminal cases. A polygraph examiner from the 1950’s, Backster, has his training ideas still taught today by polygraph schools. But, in 1968, he published a paper that said plants can read minds after he (Backster) hooked up his plants to a polygraph. Famous lawyer F. Lee Bailey was a polygraph examiner who did not take a client without testing him first. Bailey and Gelb were partners and it was Gelb who tested O.J. Simpson, Baileys client. Simpson had been accused in the 1994 murder of Simpson’s wife and her friend. Bailey was disbarred in about 2005 for felony convictions and spent time in jail. About 2008, the APA had Bailey as the guest speaker for an APA annual convention. Why would the APA, who pretends it has high ethics and values, have a convicted felon and a disbarred lawyer as a speaker?

By 2008, the polygraph business had been very seriously wounded by the poor publicity about their examiners, the failures of their machines, the various types of corruption in their business and various types of scandals. According to a article in one of their newsletters, they decided to form a committee to put a new “spin” for the news media. This spin would try to get the public to change their poor (but correct and accurate) image about their polygraph business. In a secret report, the polygraph business says it is going to put only happy articles about the polygraph business on their website to make people like the polygraph business. Most in the public would agree the polygraph business needs all the help they can get.

To get the full impact about the corruption and incompetence in the polygraph business, the massive problems and poor accuracy of the polygraph business and the APA, go to www.antipolygraph.org.

It is a huge site. Dektor® is not associated with the site at all. After spending many hours reading it, you will wonder why law enforcement, government or the private sector would buy and use the polygraph because it is such a primitive gadget for truth verification. The site www.antipolygraph.org  also makes reference to several gadgets that claim they also do Voice Stress Analysis™ that the original Dektor invented in 1969. Those different imitations are made by CVSA, LVA, Vipre, etc. Remember, the information on the website www.antipolygraph.org is NOT referring to PSE.