Chart Patterns

There are many reasons why the PSE® truth verification system has been proven completely accurate and superior to polygraph, computer polygraph, and all imitation type “voice lie detectors” for 45 years. The main reason is the ease and simplicity of understanding the various chart patterns. Evaluating those patterns, a trained examiner can determine if the subject is truthful or deceptive. Briefly, if the subject’s response is most stressful on questions of previous knowledge or involvement of a situation than on other irrelevant questions on a test, then the subject is determined to be attempting deception. The PSE has easy to read and understand individual patterns. All polygraph machines have a complicated and confusing method using many different types of waveforms that have to be compared to themselves and to many other wave forms in the test. That is just one, of many, reasons why polygraph examiners give wrong answers. Polygraph examiners also have to use the term “inconclusive” sometimes which means they are not sure of the results. With the PSE, you will always be sure of the answer. Some examples of PSE patterns:

Example of PSE® Patterns:

Non-Stressful - Dektor PSE
Stressful Pattern - Dektor PSE