“The bigger the lies, the more people will tend to believe them”

  “The more  you tell those lies, the more people will tend to believe them.”

                                                Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister

Most experts would say those quotes are still accurate today when they examine the many lies and the extremely tainted history of a 25 year so-called “lie detection business”. That business is called Nitv. Its owner/seller, staff  and instructors have been deceiving about 2,000 law enforcement types, including local, state, federal and U.S. military, so far worldwide by selling a very unreliable “voice lie detector” and “training”. The scam has been going on since about 1990. The facts are clear: Nitv has been only a scam on various law enforcement types, the public and taxpayers. Criminal cases have been ruined and innocent people have been falsely accused and their lives have been ruined.

That “voice lie detector” is called Cvsa(computer voice stress analyzer). The company is called Nitv(National institute for truth verification). Nitv is located in Florida.The device has been selling for about $10,000 each. Training costs about $1,400 per person. Nitv demands “recertifications” and  “recertification fees” of each cvsa examiner, every other year, for LIFE. Those “recertification fees” are $400 per person.  Nitv’s inventer/seller/promotor has always been Charles Humble. Humble has called himself “Dr” Humble(PhD) since about 1990. But, various media have exposed his title as a total lie because the title is only a store bought type diploma. His main staff involved in this scam is Humble, his Cuban wife Lourdes, his executive director of 13 years James Kane, Kanes Russian wife Olga(CFO), Nitv’s training instructors(past and present) and other various staff  at Nitv. The CFO or Chief Financial Officer knows where any hidden bank accounts are and any duplicate accounting books that would deceive any government investigators, like the IRS. Facts prove Nitv just plainly LIES.

Since about 1990, Nitv/humble have been selling cvsa and training only to various law enforcement types: police, sheriff, district attorneys, prisons, college police, military, probation, various government departments and some others in the US and worldwide. Nitv claims its Cvsa and training are just as good or better than  Dektor®’s proven instrument called PSE®(Psychological Stress Evaluator), Dektor’s invented system of Voice Stress Analysis™, Dektor’s proven training, Dektor’s test formats and Dektor’s chart analysis techniques for lie detection. Only Dektor® invented them in 1969.

The two original owners of Dektor and co-inventers of the PSE® system were  retired, former U.S. Army Colonels of Counter-Intelligence. One of them was Charles McQuiston. He was a highly trained government polygraph examiner and trained in many types of counter-intelligence operations. McQuiston designed the PSE training, test formats and chart analysis techniques for the PSE®. About 1980, McQuiston left Dektor and created a new company called Verimetrics. McQuiston hired a software writer and created the world’s first software program using Voice Stress Analysis™ for a computer. He also called the instrument Verimetrics. The other co-inventor was Allan Bell, a highly trained electronics expert. He designed the technology part of the PSE instrument. Bell also designed many electronic devices for detecting “bugs” and phone scramblers for the government and the private sector worldwide.

After reading the many lies told by humble, nitv and pertaining to cvsa, there would be no doubt people would say humble has been operating a scam for the past 25 years. Those same people would also be angered and disgusted that the various law enforcement types, that wasted taxpayers money buying cvsa and being trained, never INVESTIGATED the cvsa and nitv before they bought cvsa and training. Those people would also be angered and disgusted that when those law enforcement types realized their cvsa accuracy was not the “98%” that humble had promised, those departments would have demanded their money back and filed criminal charges against humble for fraud to put him out of business. Instead, those department did NOTHING. Many hundreds of thousands of criminal cases were ruined and hundreds of thousands of innocent people were falsely accused and had their lives ruined.

The facts about Nitv, Cvsa, training and its seller/promoter have been documented by the media and Dektor since 1990 when the Nitv/Cvsa “scam” first started. Since about 2014, Nitv has used a public relations person to try to get the news media to do favorable stories about Nitv and Cvsa. Dektor is sometimes contacted by various news media and we spend much time educating those reporters about the real FACTS about Nitv, Cvsa and its owner/seller, Charles Humble.

Today, Nitv continues to pretend it has a voice lie detector and training that has credibility and accuracy for lie detection. Nitv, since about 2005, also sells a body language type course called AIS to law enforcement for lie detection. By 2018, Nitv has NOT shown and refused to have any type of study, especially an independent study, that would show AIS has any credibility or accuracy for lie detection. Nitv claims AIS will solve crimes and screen people for employment.  Nitv has continued to lie to its customers about itself, its “founder” Humble and about the accuracy of its Cvsa gadget and training. Dis-information, mis-information and mis- direction seem to be the rules at Nitv since it started about 1990. The taxpayers have been funding those scams, lies and the ultra-rich life styles of Humble, his director Kane and their wives, including Humble’s mansion in Panama according to various people that were connected to him.


Since 2012 and 2007, nitv have been using two “studys” that they claim prove their cvsa gadget and training are completely accurate for lie detection. By all types of investigations, both of them certainly look FAKE!

In 2012, Nitv released a “study” called “Field Evaluation of Effectiveness of VSA technology in a U.S. Criminal Justice Setting”, often referred to as the Chapman Study. The so-called “study” is in a “journal” called “Criminalistics and Court Expertise. Nitv claims it is a 20 year study proving Cvsa and its training are almost totally accurate. The study’s co-author is a “neuro-scientist” called Marigo Stathis. She works at John Hopkins University in Maryland. Her phone number is 410.955.8010. Her email address is The phone number for John Hopkins University is 410. 516.8000. Facts have indicated, with almost complete certainty, the “study” and its so-called “publication” are not real. They do NOT exist. Google searches for hours by many people have found NO such study and NO such. Five major university’s librarians searched their massive data bases and found NO such journal and NO such study. The Library of Congress librarian also searched their massive databases and found NO such study and NO such journal. Dektor personally contacted the widow of chapman. She refused to talk to Dektor and would not provide a journal of the “study”. Many times Dektor tried contacting a daughter of Chapman. She refused to return any calls. Why not?According to Nitv’s copy of the 14 page study it displays, the journal nitv claims it is in would be at least 250 pages. The study claims it is in a “annual journal”, Issue 57. Where are the OTHER issues? The clear conclusion must be the “study” and the “journal” are FAKE! They do NOT exist! The fake study and journal are promoted nationwide by Nitv/Stathis since 2012 only to promote Nitv and snag Cvsa sales and training to make much needed money for Nitv’s less than honorable partners: Humble and Kane. It has been stated Stathis is paid by Nitv to make those speeches promoting cvsa and training to various law enforcement types. Stathis probably also promotes Nitv’s other gadgets or courses that Nitv has not ever released any independent studies that those gadgets or courses are credible or accurate for lie detection. They include AIS, Voice Biometrics, Advanced Examiner’s course, higher lever Cvsa titles, etc.

FACTS! Chapman died in 2011. Several months after he died, the so-called “study” was released. Chapman WORKED for Nitv for about 20 years before he died. Because Chapman had worked at Nitv for about 20 years when he died, the “study” would hardly have been honest, trust worthy and unbiased, IF the study was real. After Chapman had died and knowing how Nitv operates(lies), no one could doubt that the study would have been greatly altered AND favored towards Nitv’s best interests. Remember, IF the study was real. Nitv claims the Chapman/Stathis “study” was “published” in a “scientific journal” that is called “Criminalistics and Court Expertise”. As explained, NO SUCH JOURNAL CAN BE FOUND!   NO SUCH STUDY CAN BE FOUND! If the “study or “journal” were real, either one of them would have been found after “existing” since 2012 or before. When contacted for a copy of the full “study”, Stathis hangs up on people. She does not answer emails to her. The only “study” that nitv is displaying is a 14 document. It is filled with numbers and statistics that does not even look authentic. It does NOT, it does NOT mention Cvsa at all. Why wouldn’t even a 14 page document that is passed off as that 20 year old “study” mention Cvsa at least once, IF that study was real? A few times the “study” uses the term VSA, which stands for Voice Stress Analysis. The facts show Nitv is using the fake “study” only as another way to grab buyers and their money. It is very interesting that in a nationwide ABC News expose about Nitv, cvsa and Humble in 2006 lasting 13 minutes, Humble was asked by Brian Ross, ABC News chief investigative reporter directly if there was any independent study that confirmed Humble’s claim (since 1990) of Cvsa accuracy of  98% . After stuttering, humble replied there were NO independent studies. Ross asked humble again the same question. Humble said no. Humble seems to think people should buy his gadget for lie detection because he says it works.

In 1989, Chapman did do an in-depth study on the PSE. Chapman’s study proved the PSE’s complete reliability, effectiveness and validity for lie detection using REAL crimes. The so-called nitv “study” could easily have been taken from the PSE study and rewritten to be used by Nitv. Nitv’s website has many studies listed proving PSE’s complete accuracy, BUT using them to have people think those PSE studies apply to Cvsa.

In 2012, Nitv gave Stathis the Chapman Award. Since 2012, nitv gives this so-called award every year to its people for something. The award has no real merit other than for publicity to a business that has not seemed to have proven any credibily or accuracy for itself or its gadgets since it began in 1990.

How could Nitv sell their unreliable voice lie detector gadgets and unproven training for lie detection as being completely accurate and reliable, but it does NOT have a accuracy study for them BEFORE they started selling them in 1990? Nitv has been selling to various law enforcement, military and government types worldwide for lie detection that are used on the public in criminal cases and other matters. How many millions of cases been ruined by that fake lie detector and training? How many millions of innocent people been falsely accused and had their lives ruined?


In 2007, NITV posted on their website  a 58 page “study” that NITV claimed was done and paid for by the DoD: Department of Defense. That word “study” was later changed to the word “survey”. There are many different places on nitv websites that talk about the DoD “study”. The “survey” is supposed to be of some law enforcement cvsa examiners and their comments. Reading the “survey”, it was firmly indicating Cvsa and Nitv training are completely accurate for lie detection to solve criminal cases.

FACT! No internet searches or the Library of Congress revealed any such “study/survey”.  It certainly indicates DoD NEVER did that “survey” on Cvsa and its training at any time. Nitv clearly seems to have LIED again about another fake study! It certainly appears that the only real purpose of the “survey” was for Nitv/Humble to get law enforcement buyers. Nitv wanted buyers to think DoD did the “survey”. Nitv wanted the buyers to believe the DoD gave their expertise to verify Nitv’s claims of complete accuracy of the Cvsa.

FACT!  There is NO contact or location information in that “survey” and NO author given to prove who did the study. There is NO department listed in the DoD who did the “survey”. At one point in the survey, Nitv says almost 90% of Cvsa examiners needed to talk to another Cvsa examiner to make a decision. That PROVES  the cvsa, cvsa training and cvsa “recertifications” are not able to give the cvsa examiner the ability to make a accurate decision on their own. That proves Nitv’s Cvsa and training are very poor and unreliable for accurate lie detection if an examiner cannot make a decision on their own. Remember in 2006, on national TV, Humble was asked if there was ANY study that proved Cvsa was accurate. Humble said no. This fake DoD “survey”, released in 2007, was Nitv’s first attempt to make people think Cvsa and Nitv training were completely accurate for lie detection. About five years later, Nitv came up with another scheme to make law enforcement buyers believe Cvsa and training were completely accurate for lie detection. Nitv used that FAKE study using the deceased Chapman as its author.


In 2009, Nitv’s website posted the title “Special Operations Command Independent Evaluation Validates the Cvsa”. Nitv claims “In March 2005, SOCOM initiated an independent evaluation of both cvsa and polygraph users. The evaluation was conducted by an independent research team led by a PhD researcher”. Nitv claims this so-called “evaluation” proved the cvsa was “91%” accurate. There is no information available about this ‘evaluation/study” to prove it was ever done, where it was done or by whom. It was in 2006 that Nitv owner humble admitted on national television on the ABC News investigation exposing his scam that humble admitted that there were NO studies proving his cvsa and training had any accuracy. Why didn’t humble mention THAT evaluation/study? Because it was only made up in 2009. Just like the fake DoD study of 2007 and the so-called “Chapman/Stathis  study of 2012, Nitv, in desperation, is trying to convince anyone that will listen its imitation “voice lie detector” called cvsa and nitv’s made up and unreliable training ideas can do lie detection in real crimes better than a coin toss. So far, NO independent study has ever proven cvsa and its training can do accurate lie detection(better than a coin toss) since cvsa has been sold for 25 years. In addition, nitv has also been selling a so-called “body language” course for about 15 years for lie detection. That course also does NOT have any independent studies that prove its accuracy for lie detection has ANY accuracy.


In 2018, Nitv hired a very disgraced former Florida sheriff detective of about 20 years as its Director of Law Enforcement Services at NITV. His name is Crotty and anyone can read the full story in the Bradenton Herald posted at  along with many other articles and documents proving nitv and cvsa are scamming law enforcement, the public and destroying innocent people’s lives. Crotty was in charge of their unit called ICAC that deals with major crimes against children, including child pornography. According to the article, Crotty failed to do his job, big time. It seems he was given the choice of being fired or quitting. He quit and NITV hired him. Why would Nitv want such a disgraced former law enforcement officer? But, if you read the posting about Crotty on Nitv’s website, you would think Crotty was the perfect cop and a saint.


Humble originally claimed that a nationally recognized company (he has never said who it was) wanted him to design a new lie detector and wanted humble to put together a training course for it. He later changed his story to say HE invented the cvsa. BUT, in about 2006, Humble admitted in his website that he NEVER invented a new type of “computer” voice lie detector he has always called Cvsa. Humble admitted that he only tried to COPY an old PSE 101 analog machine to make his first Cvsa machine to sell in 1990. Humble sold that version for about 9 years. That first cvsa was ONLY analog, not digital as all computers are. Dektor had learned the person Humble hired to make the copy was NOT that skilled doing it. So one can safely assume Humble’s first Cvsa version that he sold for about 9 years was deeply flawed, thus displaying false information and the Cvsa examiners were making many mistakes for that.  Humble has ALWAYS called his gadget cvsa: computer voice stress analyzer. Computers are digital. But from about 1989 until about 1998, cvsa was NEVER a computer, it was only a poor quality analog machine. It did NOT even look like a computer, but the stupid law enforcement investigators bought it anyway thinking it was a computer because humble said it was. The fact is the analog cvsa looked almost like a duplicate of Dektor’s PSE 101 and later PSE 2000. But, it lacked many important functions of those PSE systems.  Humble used the term “computer” because the former co-inventer of the PSE, McQuiston, had created the first computer(digital) version of the PSE in 1980 called Verimetrics. Humble wanted people to think his cvsa gadget was as advanced as the Verimetrics system.  Why did Nitv/owner also lie to their customers about it? The answer seems to be NITV deliberately lied about the CVSA name because they wanted their buyers to think that somehow a “computer” lie detector was better than the PSE 101(1969-1990) and later the PSE 2000(1990-2000) which were all analog machines. Computers were extremely expensive at the time and not portable, so most PSE examiners stayed with the portable PSE 101 and PSE 2000 systems. The Verimetrics was a extremely advanced system and had many great features that were not found in the analog PSE systems. A Verimetrics system was about $20,000 and that was a lot more money than the analog PSE 101 and 2000 systems at about $5,500 each. McQuiston died in 1996. McQuiston was a very decorated hero in Vietnam, a Colonel in the U.S. Army and worked in Counter-Intelligence in the Army. When McQuiston died in 1996, Humble wrote in NITV’s monthly newsletter about McQuiston’s death: “McQuiston assumes room temperature”. Disgusting!  It was only about 1998, that NITV came out with a very primitive and unreliable software program for Cvsa called cvsa II. Cvsa was installed into a laptop that could only do cvsa functions until about 2 years ago. It can only work on Windows 7 system, which is about a 25 year old operating system. Nitv realized they had to have a REAL computer at some point because more and more customers were asking “Where is the computer?” when they were looking at the original analog CVSA device that was being called a computer by Nitv. The Cvsa software program had and still has many serious flaws and has a very large owner’s manual because the software CVSA program was/is still very primitive and complicated to learn. There are many freezes and crashes. Current and former cvsa examiners have called Dektor and told us. Those problems would also dramatically increase errors by the Cvsa examiner and decrease accuracy in Cvsa lie detection tests. Many of the CVSA examiners have complained to Dektor that the CVSA program sold today still has many design flaws, including crashing and freezing. According to various sources, the Cvsa III program sold in 2018 still lacks the many important functions of the PSE 7010 for the examiner to use in their testing and evaluations for accurate results. Cvsa II sold today can only be used in Windows 7. Cvsa cannot be used in Windows Vista,8, 10 or Windows touch screen. NO cvsa can be used in any Android systems (smart phone or tablet) or Apple’s Ios systems(Iphone or Ipad). The PSE can be used in all Windows 7, Vista, 8,10 and Windows touch screen systems. For about 8 years, PSE can be used in all Android systems: smart phone and tablet. Plus, PSE can be used in all Apple IOS sysyems: Iphone and Ipad. PSE is decades ahead of the cvsa.


Since 1990, various nitv employees have posted biographies about themselves that do not appear to be accurate. Nitv still lists a website created only by their “founder” “Dr” humble: . Humble’s website would make people think he is a religious figure of some type with the many claims humble makes about himself and how he brags about himself. Humble has pictures of his very expensive possessions, paid for by the taxpayers, who were not aware their money was being wasted on the Cvsa gadgets and unreliable training. He has pictures of his huge guitar collection. He has many pictures of his expensive mansion in Panama.The seller even has recordings of himself singing well known songs on his website. Humble’s name is listed as the creator of those songs, NOT the real creator. He has pictures and descriptions of his life on his website, like a memorial to himself that will last forever, even if it is only in Humble’s mind. But, humble has a very tainted history. For example, Humble was convicted of copyright fraud in 1988, the same year humble claimed he started to sell his cvsa gadget. While working for someone selling a paper psychological test, he copied it and was selling it as his own. He was fined $61,000. In 1976 humble was convicted of unemployment fraud for collecting unemployment for 11 weeks while doing lie detector tests. He was ordered to repay $3,220 of payments. Humble claims in 1986 he went to a polygraph school in Florida and was trained as a polygraph examiner. He claims he was certified by that school as a polygraph examiner. He claims the school was called the International School of Lie Detection and Interrogation. But, according to the American Polygraph Association(APA), NO such school ever existed by that name in Florida or nationwide. Humble’s original director of many years, David Hughes (Capt. Ret) also claimed he went to the same school. In another situation, according to court documents, as Dektor understands them, Humble claimed in 1997 he was only making a few dollars and could not afford spousal support and child support to his first ex-wife and their four children back in Indiana. At the same time, Humble had a private helicopter flying him from his mansion to his office only about 2 miles away, private helicopter pilot, Rolex watches, very expensive mansion, etc. Humble is now on his fourth wife, Lourdes about 20 years younger than humble. It is often said “If you can’t trust the messenger, you can’t trust his messages”. Humble keeps proving you cannot trust him or any of his claims. People that are uneducated about Nitv, humble and cvsa, if they looked at the nitv website, about humble and lie detection, might be impressed. Among many claims, humble says he did 14,000 lie detection tests in 14 years in the private sector. That means he supposedly did about 3 tests a day(each test session is normally about 2 hours), 7 days a week, for 14 YEARS in a row. NO Way! The fact is, it is NOT how many tests you do, it is how many tests you do right.   Humble is the same person who claims he created a so-called body language type course called AIS. Humble claims in his website AIS can detect lies. Dektor cannot find any studies at all for AIS, so there seems to be no studies that would show any accuracy for AIS when used for lie detection . Why would anyone spend about $10,000 for a cvsa, $1,500 per person for Nitv’s Basic training course, hotel costs for 5 days, travel costs, PLUS recertification fees of $300 per person every two years, for LIFE when they can buy AIS, a cheap 3 day body language course of about $400 that nitv claims is used for lie detection? Many books are sold about body language for only about $10. From 2007 to 2013, TSA spent almost $1 billion on their body language program for their airport screeners. In 2013 the GAO stopped using that body language program. GAO issued a report that said there was no credibility in using body language for lie detection screening of passengers. The fact is, body language was invented about 1952 by a man called Birdwhittsel. It seems nobody at nitv knows that or cares. Dektor has never sold those various gimmicks. Dektor only sells the PSE, the original and only proven technology, proven training, proven test formats and proven chart analysis techniques for Voice Stress Analysis for lie detection for almost 50 years.


About 1987, humble gave himself the title of “Dr” (PhD). The fact is the title is only a store bought type of title sold by a “business called Indiana Christian University in Indiana. It is a one room store. The so-called “University” is “accredited”. It was ‘accredited” by a business in southern California selling fake accreditation certificates to anyone that buys one from them. That “business” is called Transworld Accreditation Commission International(TACI).  ABC News, in 2006, proved that in their investigation on humble/cvsa/nitv. Humble claims it is a “honorary” title. The FACT is, on humble’s website, the certificate CLEARLY says it is NOT honorary. According to the diploma, humble is a Doctorate of Psychology with just 5 hours of religion discussion at Indiana Christian University.


The IACP,  International Association of Chiefs of Police, is a 25,000 member, worldwide association of various law enforcement types. It is about 125 years old. They sell very expensive ad space for people to advertise in their monthly magazine called Police Chief. About 1990, humble started to advertise his cvsa in their magazine. He first bought space for half page ads for a few years. Then he bought full page ads for a few more years as he began to sell many more cvsa’s and its training. By about 1997, nitv was taking out double full page color ads every month. I started in the PSE business performing the various tests starting in 1982. I was very aware of all of the imitation “voice lie detectors” that were being sold. As anyone can understand, great harm was being done to criminal cases and the people who were being falsely accused of crimes. Law enforcement were being scammed out of their money, which came from the taxpayers. Nitv/humble’s made up and unreliable “training”, cvsa gadget, “recertification fees” and chart analysis ideas were clearly not credible for accurate lie detection.

By about 1993, I contacted IACP to educate them and what I thought, trying to help them. I pointed out to them the harm that fake lie detectors will cause. I also pointed out that ads in their magazine that were not credible would give their magazine and their organization a bad name and they would lose members. I pointed out to IACP they could also be sued if they knowingly advertised dangerous products that caused harm, for example fake body armor. They did not care at all. They were ONLY concerned with getting money for ads. Humble was giving them hundred’s of thousands of dollars a year for ads and I was not advertising in their magazine. IACP said I was mad at my so-called “competition. I contacted them every year for many years. I always contacted the new IACP president every year and had many emails and phone contacts with the editor of their magazine and the Director of IACP. I also contacted various police associations. They refused to do anything, they only wanted the ad money. About 2013, I was a vendor at the National Association of Internal Affairs. As everyone knows, internal affairs deal with corrupt cops and matters dealing with cops. Many law enforcement departments bought the cvsa. They use them on cops. I recognized some departments that had the cvsa. The president and vice president refused to let me speak in front of the group(about 100) and tell them the poor accuracy of the cvsa so they would not falsely accuse their fellow officers.  In 1995, only 5 years after the CVSA was first advertised in their magazine, the IACP  evaluated the CVSA and concluded the CVSA was very inferior to the polygraph for lie detection. IACP also said the CVSA did not detect stress. Stress is the only thing that is detected and used in real lie detection systems: PSE and the computer polygraph. So why did IACP take about  $3million from humble for ads in their magazine if IACP did not think cvsa was a real lie detector?


NITV does not seem to be concerned about accuracy of their claims, including in their website. In other words, Nitv lies. For example, on their website,  NITV tells the story about an assistant chief of police and two detectives from Groveport Police Department (12 officers total and population of about 6,000) in Ohio who had bought a PSE and attended our training class in 2008. NITV’s “story” goes on to say those Groveport officers thought PSE and training were very poor in quality and they stopped using PSE soon after they went to Dektor’s training class. Nitv also clearly indicates that people should not deal with Dektor, PSE or Dektor’s training. As a part of every Dektor’s training class NITV, its seller/owner and CVSA are always discussed in depth, along with many other imitation “voice lie detectors”, polygraph and other types of methods that claim to be lie detection. Shortly after leaving the Dektor course, Groveport police decided to “trade in” their PSE for a CVSA. NITV says further after Groveport Police got the CVSA and went to CVSA training, Groveport Police and Det. Dalton then bragged in the NITV website about how great the CVSA and NITV’s training were

NOW THE FACTS! Dektor tells all of our clients to practice with the PSE and read the training manual for about three weeks BEFORE starting class at Dektor. Groveport’s chief of police, after he got the PSE and Dektor’s training manuals, did not give the PSE or our training manuals to his detectives to practice with until the officers were about to leave for training at Dektor. I was the instructor for their course. After the three detectives arrived for training, I had to spend many, many extra hours training the detectives how to use the PSE software program. That time took away the time normally spent for training. The police officers did not study after class. Instead of studying every night, for the 10 days they were there for training, they went to various bars drinking all night. The next day, the officers kept falling asleep during class and were hung over. They wanted many breaks to get coffee to stay awake and then demanded many more breaks to go to the bathroom because of all the coffee they were drinking. All of the officers flunked the quizzes and the final exam. They left very angry. A few months later, one of the detectives, Dalton, who flunked the course, send me a note on little scraps of paper bragging that Groveport police traded their PSE to NITV for a free CVSA and got free training. Dalton claimed they got them free in exchange for their testimony condemning Dektor and PSE on NITV’s website. Groveport Police traded in a proven, 50 year system of lie detection for a worthless gadget and made up training ideas. NITV had given a free CVSA away before to a police department near Dektor because NITV thought it would embarrass Dektor. Dektor learned that police department stopped using it because they found it had poor accuracy in real crimes. The fact is, police departments and others have stopped using Cvsa after they got them because they found the CVSA and training accuracy were unreliable in real crimes and did not want to pay any more of those wasteful “recertification fees”.

After Dektor was notified that Groveport Police stopped using PSE and traded the PSE for a cvsa and Nitv training, Dektor sent the mayor and city council of Groveport a very detailed email three times. None of those Groveport politicians ever contacted Dektor. Dektor still has the email.  Dektor even sent the public defender a email several times. She never did anything. Most people would think that a public defender would care about police using a fake lie detector in criminal investigations.


Dirk Bell(DB) is the son of Allan Bell(AB), the co-inventer of the PSE system. None of Allan Bells children or step children were with Dektor  CIS or in the PSE business. I began my PSE testing business in 1982. My business of testing was nationwide. About 1988, in addition to my PSE testing business, I began to promote and sell Verimetrics, the first digital system in a desktop computer using Voice Stress Analysis. Verimerics was created about 1981 by Mr. McQuiston, co-inventer of the PSE. Mr. McQuiston died in 1996. The Verimetrics company was no longer was in business. After McQuiston died, I began to promote and sell the PSE 2000 for AB as part of my PSE testing business. AB died of brain cancer about 2000. About 6 months before he died, AB contacted me and he told me he was dying and he wanted me to take over the business of selling PSE and training. He told me he knew about my dedication to the profession of Voice Stress Analysis. We began to have many phone conversations about the PSE business and how to continue it. AB gave me details and information of how to correctly make the PSE instrument. I continued to use the original name of Dektor and PSE because they were the names people knew and trusted for completely accurate lie detection since 1970. I continued to use the exact same training, test formats technology and chart analysis techniques as Dektor used since 1970. After I began to operate Dektor in about 2000, I continued to use Mr. Michael Kradz, a former government trained polygraph examiner and former U.S. intelligent investigator, as my training instructor.  Mr. Kradz also wrote a very detailed book in 1980 proving the complete reliability, effectivness and validity of the PSE system. Mr. Kradz died about 2015

About 2004, DB and his various family members began to contact me. They were extremely disturbed and upset that I was selling PSE and training for it. For some reason they did not think I should do so. He and some of his family members began to call me and send me emails condemning my business of operating Dektor. To this day, they never explained why they were greatly disturbed by it. I originally thought they might have thought I was disgracing their father’s business in some way, but I always reassured them that I was still using the same proven technology, training, test formats and chart analysis techniques as always had been used by Dektor since 1969. I also informed them of my extensive training background in PSE. About 2004, it seems DB had looked at my 28 page Dektor website about humble and nitv. He saw my information that showed humble and his gadget and training were basically a scam on law enforcement and the taxpayer. Because DB knew I did not like humble, DB then contacted humble and also sent me a copy of the email. It seemed DB and his family did not care that humble/nitv were selling fake voice lie detectors and training, scamming law enforcement worldwide, ruining millions of criminal cases and falsely accusing millions of innocent people. With that 2004 email, DB seemed to be trying to start something between humble and myself, even though humble already hated Dektor. Humble hated Dektor and PSE because only Dektor invented the only proven technology and training for Voice Stress Analysis and humble was selling only unreliable gadgets and made up training ideas.  DB and various family members also began a campaign of posting lies at various websites worldwide. For example, DB’s family posted lies on Wikipedia. Dektor proved to Wikipedia those comments were lies and DB and his family were barred from the site. DB’s emails soon began to be very numerous and became very disgusting. I contacted local law enforcement to have DB warned. They did, but DB laughed about it. I contacted the FBI because the emails crossed state lines. They did, but DB laughed at that. I had my lawyer send him a cease and desist letter. He did. DB laughed at that too. Early in 2018, DB’s emails became even more disgusting. He demanded I remove the information about him on my website about him sending me disgusting emails or else DB claimed he would release “information” about me. Under advice from a previous lawyer, I did. The information is now reposted on the website  For many years, nitv has allowed DB’s untrue statements(lies) about me and Dektor to be posted on the nitv website.  About 2016, DB had somehow located Dektor’s clients worldwide and sent them emails with extreme lies and derogatory statements about Dektor and myself to make Dektor’s clients think they had been lied to and wasted money on the PSE and training. Dektor knows that because our clients contacted us and told us what DB had done. The public would certainly question the mental stability of the Bell family for doing such crazy and illegal actions for so many years without knowing anything about how Dektor operates and never being part of Dektor. If the Bell family was concerned about fake lie detectors and the harm they were doing, why didn’t they condemn nitv and their fake “voice lie detector” cvsa and the 25 or so other fake “voice lie detectors” being sold worldwide? Dektor’s website also has a six page section about the other fake “voice lie detectors” besides the new 44 page section about humble, cvsa, nitv, etc. One would ask if humble/nitv paid the Bell family to do those actions. Legal action is being prepared against DB and his family members that were a part of this matter.



When the Nitv scam became very large by about 1995, I began to contact various politicians and law enforcement agencies, especially here in Pennsylvania. I wanted them to be aware of the enormous damage being done by a fake lie detector to criminal cases and to innocent people who were being falsely accused of a crime. I wanted the politicians to realize tax payers money was being wasted on a conman. Recently, about August 7 to about September 25, 2018, I sent 6 emails to Mr. Brunelle, who is chief of staff to Gov. Wolf to tell them about this massive, destructive scam. So far, Brunelle has not returned any of my emails or calls. I have left several messages with the assistant to the Attorney General’s office in Pennsylvania about the scam. So far, no return call.  One of the directors at Nitv was Lt. Merchant, a high ranking police officer in the Erie Police Department. He was using his title and influence as a active police officer to help get sales for Nitv. The other former police members at Nitv were also using their former law enforcement titles to convince other law enforcement types to buy cvsa. As the expression is told: Cops do not lie to other cops. A perfect sales pitch to snag buyers. Pennsylvania law enforcement was buying cvsa’a, including district attorney offices who would use them to test witnesses, alleged victims, etc. I spent much time trying to get meetings with politicians, such as state senators, state representatives, even the police departments themselves who had bought cvsa to educate them about how they were scammed. They did not want to meet with me. For example, about 10 years ago, I had a personal meeting with Rep. Godshall and the former district attorney of Pennsylvania, Bruce Castor. In his county, Castor had two police departments that had cvsa. The meeting lasted about an hour. They said they would do something about the scam. They never did anything. Several weeks later, they passed me off to another state representative to discuss the cvsa scam matter. After that meeting, I got a email a few days later that said that something to the effect that they did not want to buy the PSE. I never asked them to buy the PSE, the meetings were about about the cvsa scam. Several times I had spoken and met with Pennsylvania Sen. Greenleaf about the cvsa scam about 15 years ago. He did not seem to care and never did anything. I spoke with Rep. McGill of Pennsylvania several times. Not only did he NOT care, he contacted the police and accused me of harassing him. I still have a copy of his police complaint. About 10 years ago, I had a meeting with Rep. Stephens of Pennsylvania before he was elected. He had been a lawyer in Bruce Castor’s district attorney’s office and was running for state representative. I told him about the scam when he was first running for office. A few weeks after he was elected, I met him again to discuss the cvsa scam again and the severe damage the cvsa had done to criminal cases and to the innocent people who were falsely accused because of cvsa’s very poor accuracy. Cvsa had been used in Pennsylvania since the early 1990’s. I told Stephens that cvsa was being used nationwide in all types of law enforcement departments and in the government. Stephens said he would look into it. He never did anything about it. In the next several years, I met Stephens again several times to convince him to help stop the scam. He never did anything. In the past several years, I had several meetings with Rep. Staats after he was elected in Pennsylvania to ask for his help to stop the scam and to stop law enforcement ruining criminal cases using a fake lie detector. Staats never did anything. In Pennsylvania, about 60 police departments, including 6 district attorney offices have bought the cvsa and training. I also contacted all of the Black state senators and Black state representatives of Pennsylvania about the cvsa scam. They did not return any of my direct emails to them. I have also contacted all of the current Black state representatives and Black senators nationwide to educate them on how law enforcement was using a very unreliable “voice lie detector” on suspects. They never returned phone calls. They also did not care. I have contacted various Black law enforcement organizations, including NOBLE: National Organization of Black Law Enforcement. They did not return my calls or emails

Through the years, I have spoken to, contacted and/or met many various law enforcement type associations nationwide, including police chief associations, about the cvsa scam. They usually never responded to my emails or phone calls. They never seemed to care and did nothing. Maybe some of those law enforcement departments stopped using cvsa, did not buy more cvsa’s or stopped “recertifying” cvsa examiners, but they never told me if they did. If I got any type of response in this matter from anyone, it was usually that I was complaining because I did not like competition. This is NOT about competition. Competition is about two near equal products or businesses. A conman, using a fake title of “Dr”, selling a very unreliable(fake) lie detector, very unreliable(fake) training, using a made up(fake) study that says his gadget is accurate, is NOT a competitor. He is a criminal committing fraud.  Is this what we are getting by paying all of our taxes and putting our faith in law enforcement when they investigate crimes?


Nitv still uses its old, complicated software program in the cvsa II and using the same unreliable, unproven training ideas, unreliable chart analysis teachings and methods as they did starting in 1990. On another gadget’s website, that also claims to have a “voice lie detector” called vipre, are many testimonials from former law enforcement who had used cvsa II and were trained by nitv. Those former cvsa users condemned the cvsa II and nitv training in many ways. Also, vipre is operated by the same people that worked at nitv as sales people, instructors and management for many years, all high level ex-cops. About 2007, nitv sued vipre claiming they were selling cvsa software. The judge ruled against nitv.

Nitv still brags about its “FIST” gadget for law enforcement for lie detection. The fact is FIST is the same old, outdated and unreliable cvsa program that its current and former users complain about, only in a tiny hand held mini “computer”. FIST is just another gimmick by nitv, along with the unreliable and unproven abilities of nitv’s body language course AIS. It appears the only real purpose of AIS is to make the nitv more money. Nitv has another gimmick called “FACT”. Nitv claims FACT will tell the cvsa examiner when an answer is a lie by a red line on a cvsa pattern. In reality, it is just a software gimmick. Dektor cannot find any outside, independent study about the accuracy of FACT, let alone one that shows if it has any reliability that is better than a coin toss when used in real crimes. Most people would expect to see a study by nitv that proves the accuracy of FACT. “Proof” is not something nitv seems to care about to back up their many claims about themselves, cvsa, AIS or their training for cvsa or AIS.

Nitv still owes another unreliable “voice lie detector” business almost $800,000 by 2018 when Nitv lost a lawsuit in 2007 to another “voice lie detector” seller. Nitv has dragged out paying the judgement using various legal delay tactics. About 2016, humble filed a lawsuit against the winner of that lawsuit for unfair business practice. Facts seem to show that is a complete untruth.  Records and information show humble has used his money and lawyers many times to harass or even bankrupt people and their businesses by filing unneeded lawsuits.

Before a buyer can buy a cvsa, Nitv demands he sign a Release that says the buyer will not hold Nitv responsible in any way pertaining to the cvsa or the training. It shows Nitv wants to protect itself from any of the lies it has told about its Cvsa gadget and training, even if the cvsa examiners are recertified.

Nitv has a another scam they use called EULA: End Users License Agreement. It tells all cvsa owners that once they buy a cvsa, they can NEVER resell it, loan it, lease it or give it away. If they do, they will be sued by Nitv. That means, when you “buy” a cvsa and spend all of that money for cvsa, you still NEVER own it to sell it later if you want to recoup some money. Nitv also says you cannot ever use cvsa for any research. Dektor never makes those demands on our clients. A PSE owner can do whatever they want with the PSE after they buy it.

It has been found that Nitv uses several “shell” businesses and/or names to protect itself from lawsuit payouts. For example, Nitv has always used that name since 1990. But it has several variations, such as Nitv, FS; Nitv, llc; nitv,inc. If the current one gets sued, humble just closes it down and transfers any assets to the next nitv version and tells the lawyer of the plaintiff that the Nitv version is out of business and it has no more assets. A very clever way nitv/humble evades any loss of assetts, especially when they are sued and loose.

Dektor has learned humble has a 8 bedroom mansion in Panama. I guess he has a escape plan in case any criminal charges are filed against him, such as for fraud. We were also told that humble has several offshore secret bank accounts, probably for the same purpose. FYI: Panama has the same private bank laws as Switzerland had for protecting the names of their clients from any foreign government’s investigation for tax evasion. Panama is also very close to Belize and Caymen Islands, who also have those same private client bank laws. Kane’s Russian wife, Olga, who is CFO at Nitv would have more information on that.

Dektor, its owner and the PSE have not been immune from the lies and disinformation by humble/nitv posted on the nitv website and in mass mailings by humble/nitv.  For example, nitv claimed PSE had disappeared from the market and went out of business. The Dektor name has been here for 50 years. Dektor is still being sold worldwide to all sectors of the market, including law enforcement, government, private sector and mental health experts.  Former cvsa users have told us the horror stories that they went through dealing with nitv and using cvsa, including the software program freezing and crashing. We have received many complaints about very poor customer service at nitv. Recently, nitv gives some credit and praise to Dektor and its creators on nitv’s website for the invention of PSE, Voice Stress Analysis and our training. It is a shame nitv did not continue to use PSE, instead of creating what almost everybody would call a scam with their unreliable cvsa gadget, unproven training ideas, their so-called “advanced training” course of about $500, their unproven AIS course and their useless “recertification fees of $300 per cvsa examiner, every other year, for LIFE just to make as much money as possible. Until recently, nitv was saying Dektor and PSE had failed as early as about 1975 and only a few PSE’s were sold. Facts would prove again cvsa/nitv lies on a regular basis to make themselves look better than Dektor and PSE.

In 2004 and 2005, nitv sent out at least two “Law Enforcement Alert” letters to all of its customers(about 1,300 at that time) degrading and insulting Dektor, PSE and its owner. Nitv did that only to try to make nitv and its owner look better than Dektor and PSE. Nitv sent out the same type of letter to its customers in about 2006 to another seller of a imitation “voice lie detector” and that seller sued nitv and won almost $500,000. The various courts, up to the Florida Supreme Court demanded Nitv/humble pay, but humble has refused to pay so far. Today, with interest, the judgement is up to about $800,000. Dektor did not bother suing Nitv because we did not feel it was worth a lawsuit at that time. We would want to know how many more Nitv did send. If more were sent, we would have sued.

One of the claims nitv makes about their Cvsa against the PSE is that Cvsa patterns show on the computer screen instantly and no manual charting is needed by the examiner. Nitv claims that saves hours. Wrong! Once again, fake technology, fake testing and fake training will never produce reliable lie detection no matter what gimmicks are claimed by Nitv. The PSE examiner does have to chart each subject’s answer of a test. But, that only takes a second or so per pattern, NOT an hour or so as Nitv claims. The PSE automatically charts each pattern perfectly after each pattern is “cut” from the test answers. Most important, Nitv uses a fast type of scanning of vocal utterances. That method misses many of the key components of a vocal utterance that will be shown in patterns to be printed and evaluated. PSE’s system uses a slower scanning method and that captures ALL of the components of a vocal utterance. Even though the PSE uses the “slower” scanning method, the PSE detects, measures and graphically displays the presence or absence of the tremors as patterns almost instantly.

On their website, nitv makes claims about Dektor, PSE and its owner, past and present, that are complete lies. It has no credible information it speaks about. No one from Dektor has ever worked at nitv and no one from nitv has ever worked at Dektor. While nitv still uses their poorly designed and poorly functioning cvsa II program that only runs on XP (a 25 year old system), Dektor’s PSE 7010 program will run on all Windows PC platforms (XP, 7, 8, Vista, 10), all Windows touch screen type computers, all Android systems(smart phones and tablets) and all Apple IOS systems( Iphone and Ipad). Dektor will always be the leader in Voice Stress Analysis™ technology and PSE systems.

Starting in the late 1970’s, various gadgets began to be sold that claimed they were “voice lie detectors” like the PSE®. The fact is, ONLY the original Dektor® invented the proven technology of Voice Stress Analysis®, training, test formats and chart analysis in 1969.  Only Dektor still has the only  real system of Voice Stress Analysis today. Nobody else! Those imitation gadgets use various names that imply they are “voice lie detectors”. They use lights, numbers, sounds or words to indicate lies. Some of those gadgets use electronic waveforms that only looked like PSE ® waveforms. Only a few gadgets offer any type of actual training in how to give lie detector tests and evaluate the results. Only a couple gadgets ever made any money. Most of the others usually disappeared from the market within a few years. Some gadgets were advertised in various types of law enforcement magazines and private investigator magazines. About 1995, with more people buying computers and using the internet, some of those gadgets created websites making all kinds of completely false or very exaggerated claims about what their gadget was, how accurate it was and using very unrealistic sales numbers. The problem is those “voice lie detectors” did not and still do not have any credible studies to prove their lie detection accuracy they claim they have in real crimes. Those sellers use a lot of hype and fancy websites to sell their gadgets. Reliable and independent studies actually show that their accuracy is only about a flip of a coin, about 50%. Those so-called “computer voice stress” detectors today (including their spinoffs) use former high level, law enforcement as sales people and “training” instructors to sell the gadgets to law enforcement. None of those sales people or instructors ever went to Dektor to learn how to give accurate lie detector tests. The “teachings” by the sellers of those gadgets are simply based on their own made up and unreliable ideas.

About 1990, another gadget began to be marketed for “voice lie detection”. It claimed it was a “computer voice stress” lie detector. It was called Cvsa (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer). The company was called NITV (National Institute for Truth Verification). It is owned by charles humble, a former short term traffic police officer in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to various information, nitv was first located in Indiana and later was forced to move to Florida to avoid certain legal “problems”, including from a very nasty divorce from his first wife. Its seller/owner/inventor humble gave himself the unearned (fake) title of “Dr” (PhD). The fact was, the title was based on a “mail order” type of certificate that the promotor bought from a store located near his original NITV office in Indiana in a small shopping center. That same type of unearned educational “diploma” title anyone can buy from the internet today for about $300. Most people would call that type of store a “diploma mill”, a business that sells unearned educational degrees only for money.  Several ex-employees from Nitv had stated that the owner of NITV insists today he still be addressed as “Dr” even though it is well known his “Dr” title is not a real, earned educational title. The owner of Nitv decided in the early 1990’s to claim on his website and in his literature he was the “Father of Voice Stress Analysis”. It can be safely stated the facts have proven humble has not been a very good “father” for the past 25 years of nitv. The seller/owner of nitv claims on his website and in his literature the Cvsa is the “gold standard” in lie detection. But, the facts show CVSA and NITV training can only be regarded as “fool’s gold”.  The claim by the seller/owner of  nitv and CVSA having a earned educational title of “Dr” (PhD.) would be the first, of many lies, that would be revealed by the news media and the courts in the many years ahead.

By 2018, after 25 years of being marketed to almost anyone as a “new” type of “computer voice stress” lie detector, CVSA and NITV training have been shown to be just an expensive “prop”. Many law enforcement types have said in various ways that because of NITV’s many untruths and gross exaggerations of their cvsa and training, which results in only a coin toss type of accuracy, the departments do not rely on cvsa results. Instead, they simply give cvsa tests and always tell the people they lied, hoping the suspects will confess. This conclusion is based according to law enforcement types contacted through the years who bought the CVSA, training, paid “recertification fees” and bought so-called “advanced nitv training courses”, in addition to the many news articles about NITV, CVSA, its seller/owner/promotor and their related problems. It seems to be law enforcement types, as a group, have realized CVSA accuracy is not living up to the “98%” accuracy that was stated in NITV’s ads and literature since 1990. That position has been taken because CVSA, its training and chart analysis techniques have not shown proven reliable accuracy better than about 50% in studies and real crimes. CVSA and its bundle of hype had been pushed along for many years by its so called “inventor” and his management staff composed of former upper level police and sheriff employees. It appears those former police and sheriff’s at NITV were used by the NITV owner like worms on a hook to lure other law enforcement types to buy CVSA and the training. That idea appears to be on law enforcement’s belief that cops never lie to other cops. A ploy that has shown much success for the owner and director at Nitv. The job of those NITV sales people was to convince law enforcement types CVSA was a miracle lie detector. After a few years CVSA was sold, more and more facts were becoming known and documented about the CVSA gadget itself, its “promoter”, the so-called  “training” and NITV’s so called “chart analysis techniques”. They seemed to prove beyond any doubt that NITV was not selling a honest and dependable lie detector system and dependable training.

In the very early 1990’s, the owner of NITV claimed in 1986 a large national company hired him to promote that company’s voice lie detector device and training. LIE. By mid 1990’s, the seller/promotor of NITV had changed the story to say he invented the CVSA and he “perfected the training”. To this day, he has never used any independent studies that proved his device and training ideas were equal to or even slightly better than the proven testing, training, test formats and chart analysis techniques established only by Dektor in 1969. One of Dektor’s co-inventers, Charles (Col.Ret.) McQuiston was a government trained polygraph examiner, who was trained in the late 1950’s in polygraph. His extensive training of polygraph and his use of the polygraph during his lengthly military service, in various investigations, made him the best expert to design the various training techniques, chart analysis and test formats for the PSE system. Those techniques are still used by Dektor today.

Legal problems and news media investigation articles involving the CVSA, NITV, NITV’s “promoter” , CVSA “technology”, so-called NITV’s “ training”, its own associations and ex employee’s keep going on without stopping. CVSA buyers and the people taking the tests have also been sucked into legal problems, including jail and lawsuits. Only some of those problems and lawsuits have been discussed in the news media.

CVSA is only one, of about 25, imitation “voice lie detectors” sold worldwide for the past 50 years. NITV has been located in Florida for about 20 years. NITV had bragged for many years that it only sells to law enforcement types: police, sheriff, prosecutors, prisons, probation, college police, military, government, etc. That is because the owner/seller/promotor of NITV claimed CVSA technology was so advanced that NITV was afraid to sell it to the private sector because drug dealers or organized crime persons would buy one and use it against law enforcement to uncover secret informants or undercover police. Facts prove Nitv is not telling the truth.

Facts show why NITV was sold only to law enforcement types until a few years ago. The reason appears to be because of the deep drop in sales of equipment and training, starting about 2005, resulting in a huge loss of money to Nitv. That is because knowledge of the poor accuracy and reliability of the CVSA, training and chart analysis techniques had spread wide among those law enforcement types. Among those strong indications is that NITV has not been advertising basically at all. To make up for the big loss of income, NITV has been trying to lure private investigators to buy CVSA to make more money. That is a very big change from NITV’s original stand of not selling to the private sector because of the fear criminals would buy them and use them against law enforcement. There is a very accurate reason why NITV is only sold to law enforcement types until very recently. It seems even if law enforcement types, who bought a CVSA and training, and realized later they were not getting the “98%” accuracy NITV has claimed in their ads, literature since 1990 (with NO studies ever found to back that claim up) and now the FAKE Chapman Study, law enforcement would NEVER sue NITV for its money back. Why not? They would never sue the NITV/promotor because those buyers would have to admit they wasted taxpayers money buying a very unreliable gadget and training without checking to be sure. Those costs are about $10,000 per CVSA gadget, $1,500 per person for the 5 day basic training course, travel costs, hotel costs, about $500 more per person for the so-called “advanced training course” if it was taken, plus those travel costs, PLUS $400 per cvsa examiner for  “recertification fees” every other year, for LIFE. Nitv keeps changing the length of their basic course. First it was 5 days, then 6 days, now it is back to only 5 very short days. Nitv claims the 5 day course is 52 hours. That is about 10 hours per day, not including meals and breaks. Dektor’s training course is 10 days so our course is very easy learn. Prices for the CVSA appear to keep dropping because of lack of sales. Nitv now sells used cvsa’s at much lower prices to get as many sales as possible and get more examiners for more money and  more moneyfrom recertification fees for LIFE! Most people, after learning the facts, would confirm those 3 day NITV “Recertification fees” are just a gimmick by the NITV/promotor just to make more money. Nothing new is learned. NITV claims “recertification classes” are needed to keep their examiners competent. NITV has NO facts or studies to back up those claims. The joke is on CVSA buyers. The FACT is Nitv is really saying that if you are currently certified, you have some type of legal protection because the so-called “recertification” class reminds a examiner how to do a CVSA test. NITV is implying if you are NOT currently certified, ALL of the legal blame is on the CVSA examiner and its law enforcement department if the CVSA examiner makes a mistake on a test because the CVSA examiner was not qualified to give a test. It is like a person without a driver’s license cannot be driving because they are not qualified. It’s a “Damn if you do, damn if you don’t” situation for buyers of CVSA. Do you waste money on those useless and wasteful “recertification fees” per examiner, every other year, for life AND the travel costs, hotel, time away from work, etc, to get the examiners “certified” forever or not pay the fees and give NITV a excuse why NITV should not be blamed in a lawsuit for having unreliable equipment and unreliable training because the law enforcement department allowed their examiners not to stay “certified”(competent)?  Even today, NITV demands all CVSA buyers sign a document that they will not hold NITV responsible for any legal problems resulting from cvsa and training being used. It does NOT seem NITV believes in the quality of their own gadget and training. Even the former president of one of their cvsa associations said about 10 years ago that the “recertifications” are just the original basic 5 day training course shortened to 3 days. That same president was sued by NITV. When cvsa sales were very high in the 1990’s, humble/nitv could not handle the recertification classes. He told the various associations of cvsa examiners to do the recertifications and they could keep the fees. When cvsa sales dropped very low years later, nitv demanded all the “recertification fees” back from the associations . When they refused because they were not connected to nitv at all, humble/nitv sued them for the money. Humble then created his own cvsa association called NACVSA so he could the recertification money. Nacvsa is registered in Delaware for tax reasons. But, when a person calls NACVSA in Delaware, the phone rings at Nitv in Florida. Dektor NEVER had those unneeded and wasteful recertification fees since Dektor started in 1969. Our examiners have always received the REAL system of Voice Stress Analysis™, the proven training, proven test format’s and proven chart analysis techniques. During the 10 day Dektor course, there are many quizzes and tests. When examiners pass the Dektor course, they follow our training. With Dektor’s training and the PSE, our examiners get the correct results when they do what they were trained.

Nitv SELLS multi levels of cvsa “expertise”. The prices vary as to the level: the higher the level, the more money it costs. Its only real purpose is for bragging rights, just like the fake education diplomas that are sold that those people use for bragging rights, like the one humble has used since 1990

Humble also brags he gives a “cold calling” service to cvsa examiners. That means if a cvsa examiner is not sure of his answer, he can call one of nitv’s so- called “experts” who have received (bought) the highest of “expertise” from nitv. Those “experts” will review the examiner’s test and give a decision of whether the suspect was a liar or truthful. But, nitv has a disclaimer that says nitv is not responsible for any of the decisions made by their cold calling “experts”. It does not seem nitv has too much faith in their own “experts

It has appeared through the years that none of the CVSA buyers had ever asked for a study that proved any CVSA accuracy BEFORE they wasted taxpayer’s money and ruined criminal cases using the CVSA gadget and nitv’s made up training ideas. The fact is, those same cvsa buyers were buying the first cvsa(computer voice stress analyzer) even though it never had a computer and did not even look like a computer. Various law enforcement departments, their detectives and the city themselves would certainly be sued when the public becomes aware their law enforcement department wasted the taxpayer’s money on such expensive gadgets, useless training and wasteful “recertification fees”. Lawsuits would also be brought against prisons, college campus police, district attorney’s, probation departments and the federal government who bought the CVSA and training. Add to them ALL the people who ever took the CVSA tests who would claim they were innocent of their charge and they also would sue the law enforcement department, city, mayor, city council, etc. Hundreds of thousands of convicted criminals nationwide would be filing lawsuits because they would claim they were falsely accused because they “flunked” those very unreliable CVSA tests. Minorities would sue either for their conviction or because they had no choice except to make a plea deal because they had “flunked a CVSA test. Add to those costs in the lawsuits the huge amount of lawyer fees for each case against the law enforcement department, city, mayor, etc. Plus, the costs to the falsely accused of their lost wages because they went to jail and lost their jobs, loss of time with their families if they went to jail and more. On top of THOSE costs, the fact individuals of the law enforcement department would have judgements against themselves because they were careless and reckless for buying and using the CVSA without checking it out for accuracy BEFORE they used it on people.  NITV knew any non-law enforcement buyer (PI’S, etc) WOULD sue NITV if they bought a CVSA and training then they had discovered they had been lied to about the CVSA/training credibility, wasted their money and had been cheated. NITV did admit on its website at one time that it did buy a used PSE 101 from the 1970’s and hired a person to try to duplicate it to make a CVSA. Clearly, they failed in trying to be able to duplicate the technology many of the PSE system. That admission contradicts the original story (lie) by nitv that humble invented the cvsa and training.

Nitv has always called their gadget cvsa: Computer Voice Stress Analyzer.  BUT, the first cvsa sold from 1990 to 1998 was NEVER a computer in any way. It was a analog machine. It looked almost like a duplicate of the original PSE 101. But, it lacked some extremely important features of the PSE 101 that would be of extreme benefit in a lie detector test.  The original Cvsa did not even look like a computer, but the law enforcement departments bought it because Nitv called it a computer. About 1998, the cvsa became a software program in a laptop. About 2000, nitv finally admitted in their website that the first cvsa was analog. After about 25 years, from various sources, it still seems NITV has not managed to have any independent studies proving their technology, training and chart analysis techniques that have better accuracy than a coin toss in real crimes. The fact is, Dektor has sold PSE to both civilian and law enforcement, worldwide, since 1969 and we have never had a case where criminals used it for illegal purposes.

For the past 25 years, various independent studies and evaluations have been done using CVSA in real situations. Those studies seem to show CVSA was only about 50% or so accurate for truth verification in real situations, basically a flip of a coin. NITV and its seller/promoter had been or are involved in many lawsuits and legal entanglements. About 10 years ago, NITV lost a major lawsuit by another person selling his own type of so-called “voice lie detector”. The judgement has never been paid by humble/nitv and is up to about $800,000. NITV appealed the judgement all the way to the Florida Supreme Court. NITV lost the appeal

Various news media (print and TV) continue to do stories about the many untruths about the CVSA, NITV, its owner and the problems caused, including to criminal cases, innocent people and to the law enforcement types who bought them. At least one police officer had been wrongly fired because he flunked a CVSA test. He was accused of beating his girlfriend. It was later shown he was truthful and did not beat his girlfriend. NITV settled (lost) a major product liability type lawsuit in California in 2005. In 2007, a very large sheriff department in Arizona had to settle a major lawsuit caused by the unreliable CVSA device and its unreliable training. CVSA and its training never lived up to the “97%” accuracy hype claimed/promised by NITV staff, NITV literature, NITV website and by its “promoter” since NITV started in 1990.

NITV “ideas” used in training, such as numeric scoring, DSR (Delayed Stress Response), cold calling, kinesics, F.A.C.T. and DBR(Defense Barrier Removal) have never been shown to have any real substance or credibility with any studies or proof by nitv. Those ideas are claimed to be invented by the NITV promoter /owner Humble as part of his hype to sell his gadgets and to create the image he is some type of proven expert in lie detection, especially Voice Stress Analysis. That goes along with him giving himself the unearned education title(store bought) of “Dr” (PhD) back in about 1990 to make people think he is smarter than others. ABC News in 2006 and other media have proven the “Dr” title is totally unearned (fake).

Humble/nitv has sold a body language/interviewing type course called AIS since about 2006. Humble claims he invented AIS. The course also teaches something called kinesics. Nitv claims the course is for lie detection. Let’s look at the facts. Kinesics is also known as body language. A well known body language/interviewer/ promoter/seller is Stan Walters. He calls himself the “the lie guy” on his website. About 1998, it appeared he and Humble were good friends. It appears, from past nitv websites, NITV is using many of his ideas and other people’s ideas in AIS. Many people have written and sold books about body language, interviewing, interrogation, etc. NO type of body language has ever shown accuracy better than a coin toss( maybe 50%) for lie detection. But, NITV has always had body language as part of its course. Nitv had Glenn Foster working for Nitv for many years. According to a old nitv website, they claimed HE was the father of the “Kinesic Interviewing Technique”. In the 1990’s, NITV bragged about its body language “expertise”. The FACT is a man by the name of Birdwhitsell, in about 1950, designed a form of body language for evaluation of a persons thoughts during an interview. A Cvsa examiner would be very confused when his Cvsa gadget and training told him a person was lying, but the person’s AIS body language course for lie detection said he was innocent or vice versa. From 2006 to about 2013, TSA taught a body language course to all its TSA airport screeners at a cost of about $1 billion. About 2013, TSA stopped training the course because GAO found it had no credibility for lie detection purposes of people and passengers. No independent studies to date have been found validating AIS and its accuracy. Nitv does not post any either.

The current devices (gimmicks) in 2018 from NITV are the FIST, F.A.C.T., CVSA II and AIS. The FIST is the same flawed CVSA “technology” in a tiny hand held mini computer. FACT is another attempt to try to lure buyers using a gimmick. It seems it is only a software addition of a red line at a pattern from a test that indicates if a person is lying. Again, flawed technology and flawed training, with any type of gadget, will NOT produce reliable and accurate lie detection results. In 1999, NITV tried to lure buyers with a promise that the new CVSA would tell the examiner the answer. But, many years later, NITV was still making that promise. In about 2007, the so-called “solution” by NITV to that problem was “FACT”. This gimmick had the CVSA software program make a red line under a pattern that was supposed to indicate a lie to the CVSA examiner. Dektor could not find any independent studies to verify that claim of accuracy. The CVSA II is the same flawed CVSA software in a Dell computer. The previous computer was a Toshiba.  According to current documents from NITV, the CVSA program is pre-installed by NITV. It was not able be used for other functions as a computer, including connecting to the internet. By about 2017, it was able to connect to the internet according to sources. The PSE 7010 has ALWAYS allowed the computer to do ALL the functions of a computer, including connecting to the internet. Based on NITV very unreliable ideas and training, that red line appearing will only be a unreliable guess. A coin will seem to give about the same accuracy (50%) as CVSA’s red line. Any software writer can create various gimmicks, like a red line or flashing lights to indicate a “lie”.

Humble claims he invented something called DBR, Defense Barrier Removal. After reading NITV’s training manual about DBR, it is just another way of the interviewer saying “Don’t make the person mad or he will not take a lie detector test”. That is NOT a new idea. All PSE and polygraph examiners would know this without being told. DBR is another Nitv gimmick to convince buyers to get cvsa.

DSR is another unproven “invention” by Humble and is EXTREMELY dangerous. Humble claims stress on a answer from a relevant question will show up in the answer of the next question which is a irrelevant because it was “delayed”. According to NITV’s training, it would seem to be if the most stress is on a answer to a relevant question, they are a liar, but if the most stress is on a answer from a irrelevant question after a relevant question, they are also a liar because the stress response was “delayed” based on NITV(humble) unproven idea of DSR. The fact is, based on this very bizarre and unreliable idea, it seems almost anyone taking a CVSA test will be called a liar.

Numeric Scoring is another unreliable, even dangerous, gimmick that humble claims he invented. According to humble, each part of a cvsa pattern is given a numeric value. Then those total numbers are added up for the value of that pattern. The problem is, different examiners will come up with different numbers and in the end, the examiners most likely will come up with different conclusions as to if the person was truthful or lying.

Humble also claims he invented the Cvsa test format, that is the questions in a test and the order of those questions. The test would include relevant and irrelevant questions. Humble’s specific test, for a specific incident, appears to be only 9 questions. Dektor’s specific test has always been about 15 questions. More questions will give the accuracy needed in a lie detection test, up to a point. Humble’s irrelevant questions, to put it simply, are stupid and useless. Humble uses irrelevant questions such as “are you sitting down”, “do you drink water”, “are the lights on”, etc. Irrelevant questions are supposed to have important meaning to the suspect, like Dektor’s irrelevant questions. Dektor uses a known lie that has importance and the stressing of colors that can be adjusted by the PSE examiner. If the irrelevant questions do NOT have importance and meaning to the suspect, as in humble’s test, then the suspect’s stress reactions on the important relevant questions will ALWAYS be greater than his stress reactions on irrelevant questions. That means the suspect almost always will be called a liar

Another unreliable and very dangerous idea by humble is requiring 2 cvsa examiners to make a decision that is called Cold Calling. Let’s look at the facts. There are NO studies by nitv or any place to back that made up idea by humble. If two people are needed to make a CVSA decision, then at least two people must be trained. That means MORE money for NITV/promotor. What if each of the cvsa examiners has a different conclusion as to the subject telling the truth or not?  What if one of the two cvsa examiners took a humble AIS course and that cvsa examiner says the person was truthful, but the other cvsa examiner, using the cvsa test results says the person is a liar. Who is right?? Since 1969, it only takes one trained PSE examiner to make the correct decision on a PSE test. Will that confusion by cvsa training help any cvsa examiner solve a crime? It NEVER will.

On the surface, all of those “ideas” by NITV/promotor may look sensible, but they have no reliability or substance. We have heard from many ex-CVSA examiners who have told us that they simply guessed on the final answer to a test because the NITV training ideas did not give them reliability and accuracy on lie detection tests. Dektor has heard from CVSA examiners that the software used for CVSA has serious flaws that cause the program to crash or freeze. Until about 2015, the cvsa program could only be run on Windows XP, a very old system that has been out for about 35 years. According to several cvsa examiners, only by 2016 can the cvsa program run on windows7. The so-called “new” cvsa III is claimed by nitv to run on Windows 10, BUT, there have been many,many complaints that it freezes and crashes, but the Cvsa III costs about $2,000 more! The software program appears to be extremely basic as what the CVSA examiner can do using it.

The Dektor PSE 7010 program was created by software writers known nationwide for their expertise. The PSE 7010 program was designed to be “Easy to Learn and Easy to Use”. The PSE program has many functions for the examiner to use for charting, evaluating and storing test results and various information. The PSE program was designed to be used on many various types of platforms, including PC (laptop or desktop), Android (tablet& smartphone) and Apple(IOS) iphone and ipad. The PSE program can be used in the latest Windows operating systems: XP, 7, Vista, 8 and 10. The PSE 7010 can also be used on all Windows touch screen systems. Those Windows , Ios and Android systems can still use ALL of their other functions as a computer, including connecting to the internet. Until recently, cvsa in nitv’s laptops, could only do cvsa functions.  CVSA is still stuck in a Dell laptop that buyers must buy from NITV.  Former CVSA owners have told Dektor they could NOT even connect to the internet.

NITV has a so-called “advance class”. But, it costs about $500 more than the first training class and is given at a later date. That means more time away from work(lost wages) and family. It also means more money wasted for another unreliable course, travel and hotel costs. Dektor has one complete training course of 10 continuous days of training, with 8 hour days, with breaks.  Our course is a very enjoyable course and given by people with many years of PSE use in their business. Dektor’s training manual has 21 chapters. The PSE examiner benefits greatly from those 21 chapters. Those 21 chapters in our course include many different topics. Dektor’s training class devotes an entire chapter about NITV/CVSA/promotor and NITV’s training and why they are not credible or reliable for lie detection. Our 10 day class also reviews the other so-called “voice lie detector” type gadgets and other gadgets that claim they can do lie detection. Dektor’s instructors have to know about all of those so-called “lie detectors” so we can convince others, including law enforcement, not to waste their money buying them and their unreliable “training”, if those imitations give any training. The buyers of imitations would also risk fouling up the outcome of criminal cases, falsely accusing innocent people, PLUS risking lawsuits to themselves and the various law enforcement departments that use unreliable lie detectors. The wrong outcome on a unreliable lie detector test could also allow the guilty to commit more crimes against people if they were considered innocent of a crime based on a unreliable lie detector test. Some imitation “voice lie detectors” sold only use free recording software that can be downloaded from the internet by anyone. Usually that software is used by people to record their songs. Those free recording software programs have many fancy functions, including waveforms that react to vocal utterances. The sellers of those imitation “voice lie detectors” pass off those waveforms reacting to sounds as indicating lies when a person gives answers. To the uninformed, they believe the waveforms are showing lies. A large majority of imitation “voice lie detectors” do not have instructors to train people. They also do not give any information as to how to give and evaluate a lie detector test. Most gadgets only have a short instruction booklet on how to work the device or software program

NITV believes getting some confessions, patents, sale numbers of their gadgets on their website and in their literature prove CVSA accuracy and reliability. Wrong! Confessions can be false confessions by the subject for various reasons. For example, he may confess to get a lesser sentence. Any type of device (copier machine, noodle strainer, etc) has been used as a “lie detector” by law enforcement to trick a person into a confession by having them think they flunked a lie detector test. Those tricks have been used for decades. Just because a product sells does not mean it works or is reliable. Various types of “info commercials” use a lot of hype to sell weight loss pills, household devices, etc. Those commercials will sell many products. But, those sales do not prove a product works. Some people think patents prove something works. Wrong! Patents ONLY protect a idea legally. Independent studies prove if something works.

NITV used full page and double full page ads in many law enforcement magazines to sell their gadgets. When Dektor would see ads in various magazines  of those imitation lie detectors, Dektor always contacted those magazines with proof as to why they should not take those ads because innocent people will be falsely accused of crimes and have their lives ruined and they may even go to jail. So far, those magazines do not care because they are only concerned with making money from the ads. It does not matter if the products are real or fake.  The “sellers” of those various “voice lie detector” gadgets in their ads also use many unreliable and/or inaccurate claims (lies) as their hype in those ads. For nitv, that hype did sell many CVSA’s. But, checking on those buyers that bought CVSA’s will clearly show many/most are not pleased with the poor performance (accuracy), reliability and dependability of their machines, test results and training. Because they are not pleased with their cvsa and training, CVSA buyers have contacted Dektor at times. According to them, some are using CVSA only as a prop to try to scare the suspect into confessing to the crime by always telling the suspect he flunked his lie detector test. The CVSA testers are doing that because of the poor accuracy they had using CVSA for lie detection.  NITV seems to believe accuracy in lie detection starts at 0%. Wrong. Lie detection is a 50/50 decision: the person is either lying or telling the truth. The point of lie detection is to get as close to 100% accuracy as possible. Sometimes a lucky guess will also get the correct answer. Using yes and no lie detection tests, a coin toss will get a 50% or so accuracy. A coin would be a lot cheaper than buying a unreliable $10,000 CVSA, paying $1,500 per person for unproven and unreliable training, $500 more for the “advanced training” course, plus hotel, airfare and paying $300 recertification fees per CVSA examiner, every other year, for LIFE!

In 2007, a very large study, using real crimes and NITV instructors found an accuracy rate of only about chance level. That same study found VERY serious design flaws with the CVSA design that will produce flawed patterns, thus incorrect results. There are studies and articles on the NITV website for CVSA that were ONLY done with PSE. Those studies were done BEFORE CVSA was “invented”. In 1996, a study by Jannior and Cestaro, using CVSA examiners, showed an accuracy rate of about 50%. In 2000, a evaluation by Palmatier, using real crimes and CVSA examiners, only showed about 50% accuracy with CVSA.

Another gimmick NITV uses to promote itself are two patents to “prove” their CVSA works. NITV uses them to lure unsuspecting people to buy CVSA. Since about 2008, NITV has bragged on its website that the two patents were granted for CVSA. The FACT is, the patents were applied for 5 years earlier. NITV is actually saying the same flawed “technology” in CVSA from 5 years ago and probably the same flawed “technology” used for the past 25 years has a patent. So what!  NITV wants people to think just a patent alone proves credibility and accuracy. WRONG! A patent itself  DOES NOT prove something works. A patent ONLY says nobody is legally protecting an idea they thought of before anyone else. NITV has always shown it plays extremely loose with words, facts and truth. Only independent studies validate a technology or an idea. NITV has never had any independent studies that show its gadget is better than a flip of a coin after 25 years of sales.

In 2006, an extensive investigation was done by ABC News chief investigative report, Brian Ross, on nitv, humble and cvsa. Ross asked humble if there were any independent studies that proved cvsa was accurate. Humble, after a few seconds, replied no. Ross asked him twice and humble said no. It is extremely unprofessional (laughable?) that a person selling a lie detector does not have a study to prove their device, chart analysis and training are accurate in real crimes BEFORE a person sells it to law enforcement and others to solve crimes. Unreliable lie detection will destroy and ruin the lives of thousands of people because the gadget does not work.  ABC News also revealed internal NITV documents that showed the terrible results of CVSA when CVSA was used in Iraq and in Guantanomo Bay testing Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorist suspects in 2005. The documents showed that because of poor CVSA accuracy, CVSA had “cleared” probable Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists. In the middle of 2005, the Pentagon ordered a complete halt of the CVSA by the military because of the very poor accuracy using CVSA. In plain English, the CVSA was BANNED by the military. It appears that because of the humiliation caused by poor reliability of the CVSA in Iraq and Guantanomo Bay testing terrorist suspects, CVSA has been banned from the federal level.  In fact, the person at SoCom (Special Operations Command) in the DoD who approved almost $700,000 to buy the CVSA devices pled guilty in 2006 to taking a bribe. While on camera during the same ABC News report, the owner/promotor of NITV admitted he had only 6 hours of “class” to get his so-called “Dr” title from the Indiana store selling unaccredited education diplomas that was in the same shopping center as the humble’s lie detection business in early 1987. Those places selling unearned education diplomas are often referred to as “diploma mills” where anyone can buy a fake education title for about $100. Many, many more of those diploma mill type businesses are listed on the internet. The owner/promotor of NITV has always used the “Dr” title in his name to impress buyers of CVSA of his “expertise” in lie detection and to convince them everything he says are facts. During the ABC News expose,  the owner/promoter of  NITV was asked if he thought it was honest to call himself “Dr” with that unearned title of “Dr”. Humble said he thought he was being honest. Probably, even the CVSA would show the owner/promotor was lying on that statement. In the same ABC News story in 2006 exposing the NITV myths, the seller was asked if there were any independent studies that proved CVSA worked. His reply was there were none.  If you combine flawed technology, flawed training, flawed test formats and flawed chart analysis techniques in lie detection, the results for investigations and employment screening will be a disaster. At the website  you can read the printed transcript of the humble/cvsa expose by Ross. You can also see the full 14 minute expose by ABC Newson humble, cvsa and nitv. ABC News stated and confirmed many of the many independent news quotes listed at the end of this section. ABC News revealed the results of a very in-depth Pentagon study on the poor accuracy of the CVSA and training by NITV. The Pentagon results were the same as the other studies that showed the CVSA was not a reliable lie detector, no better than flipping a coin

On page 69, of the NITV training manual from about 15 years ago, it states that recently it was learned that if a person taking a CVSA test holds the microphone, it could cause static electricity and that could cause a distortion of CVSA patterns. Those same patterns are used to decide if a person is innocent or guilty. NITV has told the person to hold the microphone about 1990. Recently, they tell the suspect to attach the microphone to their shirt lapel. But, if the person moves their head while talking, the noise caused by the microphone rubbing against the shirt   could drown out the vocal response(answer).  How many thousands of times did that problem happen and ruin a test, BUT nobody knew it? How many innocent people were falsely accused? How many hundreds of thousands of times did wrong cvsa results allow GUILTY people go free to commit more crimes (rape, murder, robbery, etc) because law enforcement thought they were innocent? Nitv uses a very cheap (about $10) microphone. The cheap microphone misses much of the parts of a vocal utterance. Dektor never allows the subject to hold the microphone. Since 1969, Dektor has always kept the microphone on the table. Dektor only uses a very expensive (about $150), high quality microphone to get all of the parts of a person’s vocal response for in-depth evaluation. The various CVSA patterns loosely resemble the REAL patterns from the PSE. There are various machines that make those same type of patterns that look like PSE patterns. But, they are NOT machines that have Voice Stress Analysis™. The promotor/owners of NITV uses the images of the CVSA patterns to make people think his patterns are the real patterns of Voice Stress Analysis™. Cheap copies of anything are never as good as the original.

One section in the NITV website has a short list of a few cases where police claimed cases were “solved” using CVSA. About 2006, a major TV station in Colorado did a investigative story on the CVSA. The reporter contacted all of the police users of CVSA in her state. She sent them a questionaire asking questions about their use of CVSA. The replies came back that not one case was solved using CVSA. Their responses seemed to indicate that CVSA was not relied on for accurate lie detection and a few CVSA users only used it for employment screening of possible new police officers. A few said they only used CVSA as a prop because they realized CVSA tests were not accurate when compared to the results of solved cases. Considering NITV has been selling their “voice lie detector”, their so-called “training” for about 25 years, along with their unreliable hype, misleading information (lies) and for about the last 15 years also selling a made up body language course called AIS that still does not have any accuracy studies, it would only be natural, using basic math of a coin toss usually getting about 50% accuracy, that at least some cases get the right answers using cvsa. Obviously, a few of CVSA examiners would guess the right answer once in a while. One MUST also assume that the list of so-called “solved cases” on NITV’s website is probably deeply unreliable considering how Nitv has not been honest on most anything they say. It must be noted that CVSA examiners, who are almost all law enforcement, usually believe their “gut instincts” whether they think a person is lying, even if they use a lie detector, especially a Cvsa. Since CVSA testing results are based on a person’s subjective analysis, law enforcement CVSA examiners will usually combine their so-called “gut instinct” belief a person is guilty, along with their so-called training to believe the cvsa patterns of a test say the person is lying, to believe the person is a liar. A combination that will always lead to innocent people being falsely accused and the real criminal getting away with a crime to go out to commit more crimes, including rape or murder. Various people are listed on NITV website as “references”. Most people would accept those references as fact. But, it is well known that NITV gives away free machines and training in exchange for good testimonials because NITV knows “give aways” of  free cvsa’s and training in exchange for good comments about cvsa and Nitv will lead to more sales. For example, the chief of Lansdale Police, in Pennsylvania told me about 12 years ago Nitv gave him a free cvsa and training just because I lived in Lansdale. Nitv owner Humble thought that would embarrass me. It did not. For the past 10 years, Groveport Police Det. Dalton has allowed his name and the police department’s name to be used as a reference by humble in exchange for Groveport’s Police and Det. Dalton’s for their very insulting lie about Dektor, PSE and myself.  More and more various departments are not using the CVSA anymore. Many are only using CVSA as a prop to trick someone to confess by always telling the suspects that they flunked the test and hope the suspects confess. More and more departments are no longer paying those unnecessary and wasteful “recertification fees” of about $300 for each CVSA examiner, every other year, for life! More lawsuits and legal action happen because of the unreliable CVSA and Cvsa training.  Tens of millions of dollars from the taxpayers have been wasted buying the Cvsa, Nitv training, paying for “recertification” travel expenses, “recertification fees” and unreliable AIS courses. “Recertification fees” by the CVSA examiners every other year (for LIFE) seem to only be another way for NITV to make much more money. The NITV hype is that “recertifications” keep CVSA examiners sharp. The facts indicate that the “recertifications”, according to former users and NITV’s own CVSA association, are only “bullshit” type classes of 3 days of the same things that were taught in the original 5 day course. That fact was stated by the past president of a CVSA association who was actually sued by the owner of NITV in about 2005. Because of the initial fast sales of CVSA in the 1990’s because of all of the “promises” and “claims” by nitv/humble, all of those examiners had to be recertified. NITV could not handle those recertifications and also the training of new buyers. The promotor/owner of NITV asked the independent CVSA associations to do the recertifications and the CVSA associations could keep the money. By 2003, when sales dropped off dramatically (according to various documents and CVSA users) and the money was not coming in as much as it used to, the NITV owner decided he wanted all the recertification money back from those independent cvsa associations. When the CVSA associations said no, the NITV owner sued them. The NITV owner had the big money needed for lawyers, the associations did not. To avoid any more problems like that, nitv created their own “association” and based it in Delaware. It is called Nacvsa. Nacvsa is registered in Delaware. But, when the 800 number of the association is called, it rings at Nitv in Florida. Nacvsa is NOT registered in Florida as a business as it must be. Keep in mind the same flawed technology and training are reinforced during those “recertifications”, so the “recertifications”  are just basically a waste of time and taxpayers money. There is no doubt why those “recertification” classes are now given and controlled by NITV: to make more and more money for NITV owners: humble and kane. Making money is also the reason of having the made up AIS body language classes and the annual meeting of cvsa examiners called AEC. Those that attend are charged about $500 a person (tax payer money). The fact is, if the CVSA examiner is NOT “recertified”, he is “decertified” as a examiner by NITV. He is then open to all legal liability if he gives a test and his results are wrong, but not NITV, according to nitv. “Recertification fees” mean much, much more money (millions of dollars) for the NITV owner for LIFE, but that money comes out of the Cvsa owners (taxpayers) pocket, for LIFE. All of that money wasted for maybe a once in a while, possibly unreliable, confession, and basically a 50% accuracy. A flip of a coin is much cheaper to use. Because the word has spread among law enforcement types that CVSA is not a reliable lie detector, NITV has been promoting CVSA to the private sector, such as private investigators. What ever happened to NITV’s fear that somebody in the private sector might use CVSA against law enforcement? It appears money is much more important to nitv owners humble, kane and their wives. Kane’s wife, olga, is a Russian and CFO of nitv. CFO(Chief Financial Officer) knows where all the bank accounts are and the real and fake financial books.

Only Dektor’s technology for Voice Stress Analysis®, Dektor’s established training and chart analysis have been proven to get complete accuracy in real life situations.  Dektor’s proven training, test formats and chart analysis techniques designed in 1969 are still being taught today worldwide by Dektor. Many independent studies, the famous Heisse Study of 1974 and the famous 220 page book written in 1980 by Mr. Michael Kradz,a former US government trained polygraph examiner, former chief of investigations for Maryland in the 1960’s and who had a Master’s Degree in Psychology proved the complete reliability, effectiveness and validity of the PSE system. The entire Kradz book is posted on our website for anyone to read. Plus, the validation of our technology by the US government since 1971. Dektor was granted a patent for the PSE technology in about 1972 and it has been backed up by many independent studies that prove the PSE system is reliable, effective and valid for lie detection, employment screening and psychological evaluations.

The many, many news media stories exposing Nitv, Cvsa and Humble, along with his own lies, have been very interesting and educational through the years, starting about 1970. According to Humble, he was only a traffic cop for the Indianapolis Police for a few years. He claimed he left and was hired by Dektor for sales. LIE. Humble never worked for Dektor. As a matter of fact, humble had to take the course 3 times because he flunked the first 2 times, according to the instructor who taught the classes, Michael Kradz. In 1976, humble claimed he had a very successful lie detection testing business. But, if true, why was he was charged with unemployment fraud for collecting unemployment and making money at the same time? Humble was fined $3,200.In 1986, Humble claimed he was trained as a polygraph examiner at a polygraph school called International School of Lie Detection and Interrogation. Humble claimed it was in Lake Worth, Florida.  LIE. The APA(American Polygraph Association) said there was NEVER any polygraph school in Florida or anywhere in the USA with that name. Humble claims he is also a polygraph examiner from Indiana. The fact is ANYBODY can get a lifetime polygraph certificate license from Indiana like Humble has by simply requesting one. The Humble wants people to think he is also very talented in polygraph. But, the facts show the seller does not have any of the skilled qualifications as a trained polygraph examiner given by a certified APA(American Polygraph Association)  polygraph school. Just like humble does not have a real, earned educational degree of “Dr.” (PhD).  In 1986, humble claimed that a nationally recognized business (he never mentions the name) wanted humble to promote their new voice lie detector and training. LIE. In 1987 humble bought the fake title of “Dr”.  In 1988 humble claims he started to sell cvsa. But, in 1988, he was working for a person selling a paper and pencil type psychological test. Humble took one of those tests, copied it and sold them as his own. He was charged with copyright fraud and fined about $70,000. Humble claimed for many years HE invented the cvsa. LIE. In his 2007 website, humble admitted he simply had bought a old, analog PSE 101 and had somebody try to duplicate it. Even though this first cvsa sold for about 9 years did NOT look like a computer at all and it was analog inside, humble called it cvsa: computer voice stress analyzer. He used the term computer because the former co-inventer of the PSE, McQuiston, had created the first, real computer(digital) version of the PSE in 1980 called Verimetrics. Humble wanted people to think his cvsa gadget was as advanced as McQuiston’s system called Verimetrics.

All PSE systems, from 1969 to today, always had the ability to record the entire interview with a suspect and save it. The recording is most important because it protects everyone’s rights from false accusations and preserves all confessions as evidence for court. The recording proves nobody was lied to, no false promises were made to the subject and the subject was not verbally abused. The recordings keep all information for later review or for evidence in court. Dektor requires those recordings of the interview and test to be kept for 10 years. It seems NO cvsa gadget ever records the interview. Even the microphone CVSA uses is a very cheap and tiny microphone (about $10) that causes many problems for the NITV examiner and to the tests. A cheap microphone does not detect all of the parts of a vocal utterance. Dektor has always used a extremely powerful microphone to pick up all of those vocal parts so a filtered PSE pattern will have all of the information for the PSE to evaluate.  NITV originally told the subject to hold the microphone during the interview and test. That is a very bad idea because the subject may hot hold the microphone correctly and the quality and volume of the answers will be reduced and/or eliminated. Now, NITV says for the microphone to be attached to the shirt lapel. That will also cause serious problems for the CVSA examiner because when the subject moves his head, that movement will cause noise that could override the person’s vocal answer. In the CVSA training manual it says that static electricity can be caused by the microphone attached to the collar.  Dektor has always required the microphone stay on the table. The PSE analog instrument used from 1969 to 2004 had 164 different ways to display each vocal response from a test question for the examiner to evaluate for complete accuracy. From various sources, CVSA in 2018 seems to still have only one, very tiny pattern for each answer for the CVSA examiner to try to look at and evaluate on the computer screen. That problem causes CVSA examiners to make mistakes because those very tiny patterns are too small to see all of the parts of a pattern. That is another problem, among many other problems, that causes CVSA examiners to make mistakes. The nitv’s cvsa mini computer “FIST” has much smaller patterns to try to evaluate and that means many more mistakes will be made by the cvsa examiner Most important, the analog cvsa lacked the real technology of the PSE systems. About 2001, humble admitted “the first cvsa was analog”. About 1998, cvsa became a software program. In 2018, the cvsa operating system can only use the windows 7 system, which is about 25 years old.

Some news media and those in law enforcement and the private sector commented to Dektor they thought NITV was part of the U.S. government because the U.S. symbol of the Eagle is posted on NITV’s website. That eagle symbol has been posted on NITV’s website since NITV started in 1990. No doubt that NITV used that eagle symbol to help convince others to think the same thing. There are federal laws that make it a crime for people to use that symbol for themselves.

NITV settled (lost) a major product liability type lawsuit in about 2003 because it seems (among other things) NITV could not defend their gadget or training ideas. NITV’s unreliable equipment and training ideas continue to foul law enforcement cases. CVSA and NITV training get law enforcement sued and sometimes law enforcement officers fired.


For many years, NITV only sold cvsa to law enforcement types, but  NOT to the private sector(private investigators, etc.) for a reason. Nitv claimed they did not want criminals to buy it and use it against law enforcement. LIE. The real truth  seems to be that NITV did not want to risk lawsuits that the private sector would file against NITV when they realized the CVSA and training were only about a coin toss for accuracy. People in the private sector would sue NITV because they had used their OWN money to pay for the CVSA equipment and training. NITV knew law enforcement buyers/users of CVSA would never risk exposing themselves to lawsuits because law enforcement had used CVSA in criminal cases and because of poor CVSA accuracy certainly have had to falsely accuse many, many people based on the inaccurate CVSA results. About 2010, NITV started to sell their gadgets to the private sector because of CVSA sales had decreased dramatically and had become an embarrassment because the word was spreading within law enforcement types that CVSA was not accurate for lie detection. In about 2012, before NITV will send a person literature, they want the people to fill out a long form instead of a person calling nitv on the phone. That is very insulting to a customer. NITV also wants all clients to sign a release PROMISING not to sue NITV for any reasons if they buy a CVSA and get trained. Again, just like using the “recertification” gimmicks to protect themselves from lawsuits, now NITV wants customers to sign a Release to further protect themselves from costly lawsuits. According to various sources, NITV still has NOT paid the $800,000 judgement against them from a lawsuit lost to another seller of a so-called “voice lie detector” from about 2007. Nitv also has a EULA (End Users License Agreement). It says after a person buys a cvsa, they really do not own it. They are not allowed to sell it, loan it, lease it or give it away. What a scam!

Until about 2006, NITV used to publish the various states and all of the buyers of CVSA in each of those states. Those buyers were used as references to potential buyers. But, by about 2000, it appears many potential buyers decided not to buy the CVSA because when they contacted those owners listed on NITV’s website, it appears the earlier CVSA buyers passed the word that CVSA was not living up to the hype NITV was claiming on their website for accuracy and dependability. About 2006, NITV removed the actual buyers from those lists and now only use numbers to “indicate” CVSA users. Obviously, numbers cannot be contacted to verify the truth of how many were using CVSA or still using CVSA.

In about 2003, it seems because of very poor sales that were ongoing, NITV stopped putting any ads in the IACP(International Chiefs of Police) magazine called Police Chief. IACP has a worldwide membership of about 25,000 members. NITV had put ads in the magazine since about 1990. From about 1990 to about 1994, nitv was putting in half page ads every month. From about 1994 to about 2001, nitv was putting in full page ads every month. From about 2001 to about 2003, nitv was putting in double full page color ads in every month.  NITV had also advertised in much smaller numbers in other law enforcement type magazines. By about 2003, because of very low sales, NITV also could not afford to advertise in various magazines almost at all. Many comments have been made to Dektor, by various types in law enforcement law enforcement, that the word was spreading among law enforcement that the CVSA hype of accuracy was not holding up to real testing. It appears that because of the great loss of income from lack of CVSA sales and recertification of CVSA examiners, humble had to give up his helicopter and his private pilot that NITV owner used for about 10 years until about 2003 . Humble used the helicopter to impress people and to ferry the NITV owner from his mansion to his office each day in Palm Beach Florida that was only a few miles away.

By following the NITV website, NITV appears to have a constant turnover of upper management and staff that seems much more than normal. One sales gimmick by NITV is only to hire former high level law enforcement, such as captains, lieutenants, etc. One could easily conclude those high level ex-police are hired as a sales gimmick to convince their fellow law enforcement officers to buy CVSA. There is a old rule in law enforcement: cops don’t lie to other cops. By having ex-high level police as salesmen, NITV’s untrue and/or exaggerated claims to other departments about CVSA were taken as facts by law enforcement who later bought CVSA, training and “recertification fees” for life. That has proved very disastrous for law enforcement, their cases, innocent people who flunked the CVSA tests and who were falsely accused of a crime. Those victims also included other cops that were tested by cops using cvsa who were in Internal Affairs. Plus, criminals who had been accused of a crime, who were guilty of those crimes, but passed a CVSA test. They were then released and later committed new crimes, including rape or murder.

Ex- NITV instructors and employees have told Dektor the NITV owner does not live up to the terms of his contracts that he makes with them pertaining to their salaries. Several of those ex-instructors have told Dektor they could not afford to sue NITV because the NITV owner used his lawyers like weapons only to get his way, even when he clearly was wrong. NITV’s long time manager, David Hughes was fired by NITV’s owner about 2003 . After he was fired, this former manager called Dektor several times and told Dektor some of the very unprofessional conduct of the NITV promotor/owner and the employees. Hughes informed Dektor that nitvclaimed they found child porn on his computer. A charge hughes denied. Hughes said he was going to open a lie detector business and wanted to copy some items from Dektor’s website. Dektor said no. Those ex NITV employees clearly did not care about the damage they caused to others. The motive of high level nitv employees appears to be only greed: they were only interested in getting a paycheck. Some of those former NITV employees have opened up their own businesses selling their own imitation “voice lie detector” and use their own, unproven invented training ideas, chart formats and chart analysis techniques Those imitations and training have no reliable accuracy studies in real crimes. Just like the CVSA, they claim their gadgets are just like PSE® and use Voice Stress Analysis®. How and where did those “imitations” get their technology, chart analysis protocols and training techniques? They NEVER say. NITV has sued at least one business selling a imitation voice lie detector claiming that one “stole” their machine and training from NITV. There seems to be no honor among thieves. As stated before, instructors and management at NITV are all ex-law enforcement of very high levels: ex-chiefs of police, long time detectives, ex-military, etc. The obvious question is if those people were so smart, why didn’t they investigate the massive claims about the CVSA, its training ideas and the claims by its seller BEFORE they took their new jobs? Plus, after they began reading the many news stories about NITV’s owner and how he was deceiving law enforcement types with the CVSA gadget, unreliable training and “recertification fees”, why didn’t they quit? Why didn’t they contact the district attorney’s office and inform them about nitv’s scam. Don’t they have ethics and morals as ex-high level law enforcement and military? The answer would be clear to even a blind person: they wanted money, more money and more money. Those employees, as ex-cops do, only wanted a paycheck to supplement their pension as a retired law enforcement officer.  Dektor has never been able to find any studies that verified the technology or the training of any those imitation “voice lie detectors”. It appears they are simply using what they learned at NITV as their so-called “training” and for chart analysis. Those ex-NITV employees are probably using CVSA imitations or software copies of CVSA. Hardly a device that should be copied and used for lie detection. In other words, these new businesses seem to be trying the same game plan to make a lot of money as their ex-boss, without concern for the welfare of law enforcement, their cases, the innocent people falsely accused with CVSA tests AND the guilty criminals getting away with their crimes because CVSA examiners believed the test “results” indicated the suspect was and were released. It must be assumed that most of the guilty people that were passing CVSA tests would be committing new crimes.

The buyers of CVSA are not just police and sheriff departments, though almost all are. Other buyers include prisons, college police, probation department and some others. In college, there are many he said/she said incidents, like sexual assault. How many women were called liars about their claims of being raped or sexually assaulted because they failed those fake cvsa tests? Nitv claims about 45 college police departments that bought Cvsa. Nitv claims about 30 district attorney offices whose investigators bought Cvsa to test suspects and witnesses in criminal cases. How many hundreds’s of thousands of criminal cases by district attorney’s offices were ruined because of those Cvsa tests? The newest sellers of their imitation “voice lie detectors” seem to follow what their old ex-boss did for sales: advertise in police type magazines. It did not appear the magazines have cared either whether ads in their magazines were promoting fake gadgets for lie detection. Would those same magazines take ads by a business selling fake bullet proof vests for police? The NITV site shows two articles about CVSA that were published in magazines. Those magazines NEVER contacted Dektor and it was ONLY Dektor that invented the PSE system and training in 1969. When Dektor contacted those magazines and complained about their biased stories, we were told we were not interviewed because Dektor did not take out any ads in their magazines.

One article mentioned a “expert” on Voice Stress Analysis by the name of Chapman who praised CVSA. BUT, the article NEVER mentioned Chapman worked for NITV for almost 20 years!  The study referred to as the Chapman Study has been basically proven to be a fake. Again, the news media did not care about facts, the welfare of law enforcement and the public. The magazines only cared about making money!

The sellers of other “voice lie detectors”  that originally worked at nitv, saw how their ex-boss had lived a very luxurious lifestyle and it seemed they wanted that life. One business, composed of ex-NITV high level staff, selling one of those imitation “voice lie detectors” is actually owned by two PI’s who also own a store front type church in Florida. If the owners of that business are religious in any way, a person would question why would they allow those people to sell a gadget and training that was not a reliable lie detection system to law enforcement? About 2008, that same lie detector business took out a full page ad in a major police magazine each month for a year, then stopped. Upon a closer look at the ads each month, the price was dropping and the “terms” to own/use the device seem to be constantly being reduced for the purpose of trying to make sales. Even though their website is still up, Dektor has found only a little amount of buyers of that gadget.That same police magazine also took NITV ads for about 13 years. The ads stopped because it seems NITV could not afford to pay for the ads because sales for cvsa seemed to have been reduced severely.

About late 2006, NITV began to advertise in insurance magazines with full page ads. It appears they were trying to make up for the drastic drop in CVSA sales to law enforcement. NITV tried to get insurance companies to buy CVSA and use it as a over-the-phone lie detector for insurance fraud. If they did so, millions of real claims would be denied because of the poor accuracy caused by unreliable CVSA technology and unreliable NITV training. Dektor contacted the magazine and educated them about NITV. Soon, NITV was banned from advertising in those insurance magazines.

CVSA II is now sold in a Dell laptop computer. The previous computer was a Toshiba laptop computer.  According to current documents from NITV, the CVSA program is pre-installed by NITV. Up until recently, the cvsa computer was extremely limited, including it could not connect to the internet.  The PSE 7010 allows the computer to do ALL functions of a computer, including connecting to the internet.

NITV charges about $500 more for their so-called “advanced” 5 day CVSA training course for more money. Doesn’t  NITV want their examiners to have all of the training for accurate lie detection when they get trained BEFORE giving a lie detector test?  The answer is by giving more courses, NITV forces people to pay more money to NITV.  Dektor gives ALL the training for PSE and lie detection in our 10 day course. Dektor wants our PSE examiners to be FULLY trained, not partially trained, when they give various PSE tests. That is why the PSE system has complete reliability, effectivness and validity.

Nitv sells levels of so-called cvsa “expertise”. It is another way nitv tries to make much needed money. Just like multi level marketing scams, by buying a higher level of cvsa “expertise”, some cvsa examiners will think they have bragging rights over other cvsa examiners with less training.

In January 2007, NITV filed a lawsuit against a ex-director of  NITV claiming the ex-director’s company was selling CVSA’s. Both sides agreed to drop the lawsuit.

About 2007, NITV began selling used CVSA’s at much lower prices to try to bring in money. In about 2007, NITV filed a lawsuit against another of their former instructors and his partner who also were selling a imitation “voice lie detector” in Australia. That partner had told me personally that the owner of NITV had told him he would be in charge of all Far East sales of CVSA if that person bought about 50 CVSAs as proof of his dedication to NITV. The person told me he took out another mortgage on his house to buy the 50 CVSA devices. Shortly after he bought the 50 CVSA devices, the owner of NITV told him the deal was off. During the phone call, that person was crying because he said he was afraid he would lose his house because he had no more money.

In late 2007, a Colorado investigative TV reporter told how a sheriff deputy was fired after he was accused of beating his girlfriend. The sheriff deputy had taken a CVSA test and failed it. Dektor contacted that fired deputy and told him about the unreliable CVSA gadget. It was later proven the deputy was innocent, but the Sheriff refused to hire him back. Another victim of CVSA flawed technology and flawed training. The deputy sued the department.

NITV on their website   devoted a section about Dektor, PSE and PSE training. They clearly did NOT care that their statements were lies that were extremely misleading to the public. Nitv clearly did NOT care to fact check with Dektor to verify their “claims” The current PSE software program is called the PSE 7010, not the PSE 5128. The PSE 5128 was Dektor’s first digital software program of Voice Stress Analysis designed in 2004. It was a remarkable program that many examiners in the private and public sector still use today. It was replaced in 2011 with the PSE 7010 program which can be used in any Windows PC (laptop or desktop) XP, 7, Vista, 8, or10 and Windows touch tablet. PSE 7010 can also be used in Android systems (smart phone and tablet) and IOS (Apple) systems(Ipad, Iphone). Those various PSE systems, including PSE analog systems, are vastly superior to NITV’s old, outdated analog cvsa that they sold for about 9 years, but passed it off as a computer and also their current unreliable PC software version. Even in 2018, it seems CVSA is still a very primitive gadget. The CVSA program cannot do most of the functions the PSE 7010 can do for the benefit of the examiner. The NITV site says Dektor has 14 days for training. LIE. We have a very educational 10 day course. We give ALL of the training in one course so the PSE examiner is fully prepared to give and evaluate a lie detector test. Dektor never has any “advanced courses” that would cost the client more time and money later. NITV claims PSE is only used by only one police department. LIE. Dektor has clients worldwide in law enforcement, government, security, mental health experts, corporations and in the private sector. Dektor does not give out clients names or use them as references (commercials). Dektor  respects the privacy of our clients. That is why our clients refer other clients to us. NITV lists some cvsa buyers hoping to “impress” law enforcement to buy their CVSA gadgets. Nitv claims CVSA is more advanced than the PSE 7010 because CVSA has some type of a “automatic scoring system”. LIE. It has been well known for 25 years that the CVSA seller/promotor’s  technology, training, test formats and chart analysis techniques are seriously flawed to the point CVSA and training only has a accuracy of about a coin toss. So, it seems clear the owner/seller’s so-called automatic scoring “function”, called FACT, is never going to be reliable and dependable for complete accuracy. Dektor has heard from a few cvsa examiners that FACT in not that dependable for any accuracy. Any software code writer can make all types of gimmicks for a program, including making patterns flash or putting lines under a pattern to make it look like it is an “answer”. That gimmick is what NITV seems to have done with their FACT to make their examiners think the computer chose an answer.

Nitv teaches a “Voice Biometrics” course for the military to teach them how to use cvsa quickly in combat zones. There are no independent studies given or found that show any kind of accuracy for that course. Every qualified lie detector examiner, using a proven system such as PSE or polygraph, knows that a accurate lie detector test cannot be done in a few minutes and a suitable testing location must be used. Polygraph tried to ignore those rules and failed completely. A polygraph business made a gadget called PCASS and sold it to the US military about 2012. PCASS was a hand held device with only one attached wire. It used three lights to indicate truth or lie. PCASS was used in Iraq and Afghanistan to test suspected terrorists. PCASS failed because no accurate lie detector test can be done in a few minutes. Each PCASS cost about $7,000 and the military bought about 100 devices. The military never did a accuracy study before they bought them. PCASS failed to work the way it was claimed and the military stopped using it. Nitv tried promoting its tiny mini computer called FIST, using the same flawed cvsa II program, for the same purpose. But, FIST failed to be bought. Accurate lie detection cannot be done fast or with a gimmick.

If nitv’s website is examined, it will show that Nitv uses big headlines to make people think something, but upon clicking the link, it sometimes is non-existant or says something very different. The person only remembers the headlines. Nitv is a master of mis-information and mis-direction.

Humble calls himself the “Father of Voice Stress Analysis”. It has been clear for the past 25 years of nitv and cvsa that he has NOT been a very good father. Humble also claims the cvsa is the “gold standard” of Voice Stress Analysis. The facts show for 25 years cvsa and training are only fool’s gold. The PSE’s complete reliability, effectiveness and validity is what made the PSE famous worldwide for almost 50 years.

NITV claims to have a “technical evaluation” of the original PSE on their website. But, when you click the link, nothing happens. Also, on the NITV website, a DoD(Department of Defense) survey is mentioned that “proves” Cvsa is accurate. But, when you click the link, the “survey” has NO connection to DoD. More lies by NITV.

About 2006, NITV and its owner (humble) was sued by Baker, another seller of a “voice lie detector”. The lawsuit dragged on for several years. The result was a guilty verdict against NITV & humble. Humble appealed the verdict all the way up to the Florida Supreme Court. Humble still lost.The judgement today, with interest, is about $800,000.  By 2018, to our knowledge, nitv owner/seller humble and kane still have NOT paid any of the judgement amount at all. We learned, about two years ago, humble filed a lawsuit against Baker for unfair competition. Evidence seems to prove that Baker never did any of the claims by nitv. As everyone is aware, anybody can sue anybody. It is clear, humble constantly sues because he has the money to waste and it is deductible from his business expense while lawyer fees for other people is a major loss to them.

Another way NITV tries to make more money, besides their so-called “recertification fees”, is nitv’s annual conference called AEC (Advanced Examiners Conference). It is a 5 day course. It costs about $500 per person, PLUS hotel costs, travel costs and paid time off from work. All paid by the TAXPAYERS (along with previous cost of NITV’s “basic” course PLUS hotel costs, travel cost and paid time off from work). All of these costly and wasteful classes still prove NITV’s training is very poor and incomplete for a person to give a accurate lie detector test.

NITV has their own CVSA “association” called NACVSA. NACVSA is “based” in Delaware. Upon close inspection, it is ONLY a mail drop. If you call the phone number for NACVSA, NITV in Florida answers. NACVSA replaces the original CVSA association, Iavsa, from years ago because that association refused to give money back to NITV’s owner/promoter humble after humble told them in the mid 1990’s they could keep the fees for recertifying CVSA examiners. To be a member of NACVSA, NITV says a CVSA examiner MUST be recertified every other year. Why? To make people better examiners? NO! The same flawed training on flawed equipment will NEVER produce accurate lie detector examiners no matter how many times they are taught the same seriously flawed ideas and use the same seriously flawed technology. The real reason for those “recertification classes” is that they WILL make NITV/promoter humble and his director Kane MORE money. On the NACVSA site, the directors are listed. In the biographies of the directors, there are the numbers of CVSA tests that had supposedly been done  by each of those instructors. It must be remembered that those people are directly connected with NITV/promoter. Most would agree those numbers of tests given cannot be trusted. The number of fake tests, using fake equipment and using fake training hardly shows someone is a qualified lie detector examiner. On the nitv website for the past severalyears, there are no more listings of humble, kane, or others, just the instructors.Could it be because humble, kane and a few others have been known in the media as less than honest and ethical people?There is another association called IAVSA. It was created by ex-employees of NITV. IACVSA says they will allow examiners who use CVSA, Vipre and FVSA. When asked by various associations of imitation “voice lie detectors” to be a member, Dektor has always refused. Dektor will not be a member of any association that uses fake equipment and unreliable methods of lie detection.

In about 2016, it appears NITV started a business using civilian CVSA examiners called Lie Detection Services in some states. It appears, most of those phone numbers belong to NITV. Making money in any possible way because cvsa sales have been very poor for many years.

Nitv has two cvsa instructors in Canada. They were former detectives that used cvsa when they were in the police department. Dektor had learned that police department stopped using cvsa and is now using polygraph. In a 2011, one of those cvsa instructors said in a interview that the cvsa was not a lie detector and it does not reveal when someone is lying. That same type of statement was made in court in about 2003 by david hughes, a former director of nitv. But, at the nitv website, it certainly does say cvsa and AIS do lie detection.

FACTS:  Only the original Dektor® invented the PSE® and technology called Voice Stress Analysis™ for lie detection, employment screening and psychological evaluations in 1969. Nobody else! Only the original Dektor® invented the proven training techniques, test formats and chart analysis techniques for Voice Stress Analysis™. Nobody else! Dektor still trains and uses those SAME proven techniques today.

REMEMBER: If you can’t trust the messenger, you can’t trust his messages!



Humble claimed he was certified as a polygraph examiner at a polygraph

school in 1986 called International School of Lie Detection and

Interrogation, located in Lake Worth, Florida.

The APA (American Polygraph Association) confirmed NO such

polygraph training school ever existed by that name in the USA

Humble fined $61,000 for copyright infringement.

Indianapolis Business Journal, November, 1988

“In the late 1970’s, he (humble) was ordered to repay $3,220 in unemployment

payments… he had collected benefits for11 weeks while a

polygraph examiner”.

John Wilkens, Union-Tribune, December 1998

“The cvsa reading is absolutely meaningless without a person’s own verbal


Victoria News, 2011; Bob Wall, former Saanich PD, Canada, detective,

instructor for nitv for many years.

“I am a cvsa operator…It is not a lie detector. It does not reveal when people are

lying. It cannot do so”

Bob Wall, 2011; nitv instructor for many years, former Saanich PD

Canada, detective; Letter to Editor, Vancouver Sun;  Note: Saanich  PD

stopped using cvsa many years ago.

NITV agreed to pay…. civil penalty (almost $100,000)… in connection with

unauthorized exports of CVSA to countries not  considered friendly to the U.S.

Dept. of Commerce, 2006

“NITV acknowledges that the CVSA is not capable of lie detection”….

Indianapolis Star, November 2004

“They call them Advanced Classes…. they are only a rehash of the basic class,

only done faster”.

Mike Brick, President, Southern Association of Certified Voice Stress

Analysts(SACVSA), 2007 SACVSA Newsletter; referring to nitv’s

annual “recertification” of  cvsa examiners. SACVSA members are cvsa


Humble was asked to design a cvsa validation for DoD. Humble never did.

William Yankee, Director, DoD, March 1991.

“The cvsa was first used during the Vietnam war….during that time it was called

the PSE”

Nitv website, May 2003.  FALSE: Cvsa first sold in 1990. Vietnam War

ended in 1975.

“In 1986, a nationally recognized company made the decision to produce a new

voice stress analyzer….searching for an individual to head

project….chose charles humble”

nitv website, May 2001. FALSE: after about 1990, humble changed his

story to say only he invented cvsa and training ideas. There was never

any company asking him to be there seller or trainer.


“Nitv decided not to sell cvsa to the private sector because it did not want

organized crime to identify undercover law enforcement”

Nitv website, May 2001. FALSE: Because of very low sales for the

previous 15 years because of poor cvsa accuracy, starting in 2015 cvsa is

being sold to basically anyone so nitv can make money.

William E. Burke, 49, of Odessa, a defense contractor at SoCom, pleaded guilty to

bribery… The type of Federal contracts Burke would have overseen

ranged…. To $690,000 for a field interrogation tool (cvsa) that would

analyze stress in the voice….”

St. Petersburg Times, Oct. 15, 2005

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, 2007

Another study, using real crimes, that showed the accuracy of the CVSA

was only chance level and the system had serious design flaws.

“The Pentagon is also actively halting the use of the CVSA in the field”.

American Spectator, Dec. 15 2005

“Whatever the CVSA may record, it is not stress”

IACP (International Association Chiefs of Police) Arizona Republic, Oct.


“…no independent testing has demonstrated the machines integrity”

Charles Humble, owner NITV, referring to his CVSA; Arizona Republic,

Oct. 2005

“there is no one like that”

Charles Humble, owner NITV, when asked for the name of any person that

did a validity study on his CVSA

ABA Magazine, 1995

“No validity from the scientific community”

FBI, KTNV-TV, 1997

“We purchased the cvsa…sent 2 researchers to cvsa school for training…we conducted several studies…we solicited manufacturers advice in designing the cvsa studies…and used cvsa practitioners recommended by cvsa manufacturer. We have found no credible evidence(CVSA)… for determining deception”.

Department of Defense letter, September 1996

“It is an honorary degree…awarded by a storefront college”

Referring to the title of “Dr” of “Dr” humble, owner of NITV.

John Wilkens, Union Tribune, 1998

“…the analyzer (CVSA) results were close to chance level..”

National Academy of Sciences, 2003, referring to the study by John

Palmatier, Certified cvsa examiner and scientist.

“NITV opted out of the study”

Security Management Magazine, 2001, referring to NITV refusing to allow

CVSA to be used in a validity study by the Air Force Research Lab

“Charles Humble, former ISSA member #399, was expelled from the Society for

unethical conduct”…

International Society for Stress Analysts newsletter, 1987. Members

were PSE examiners. Humble started nitv 3 years later.

“Armstrong vs Maricopa County Sheriff, 2005

Another lawsuit involving CVSA and unreliable training