When a product or service proves itself superior, people try to copy it. Those imitations will be very inferior or just plain frauds. There are about 25 devices on the market that claim they are the same as the original Dektor®’s system of Voice Stress Analysis invented about 50 years ago. The prices of those imitation “voice lie detectors” range from $50 to $25,000.

Law enforcement type departments (police, sheriff, prisons, prosecutors, college campus police, probation, parole, airport police, insurance company fraud units, etc) have been very heavily targeted by those imitations. Law enforcement departments were deceived and wasted money when they bought imitation “voice lie detectors”. Law enforcement thought they were getting Dektor’s superb quality in technology, proven training and chart analysis techniques. Sadly, law enforcement found the accuracy of those expensive and over hyped imitations, in criminal cases, to only be about 50%, just a flip of a coin. Huge numbers of criminal cases were ruined because of imitation “voice lie detectors”. Law enforcement departments have been sued because they used them. Police and sheriff officers themselves have been forced to take those unreliable tests when they were accused of a incident. Some were fired when they flunked the tests.

Imitation “voice lie detectors” use many types of gimmicks to sell their gadgets or mini courses for truth verification. Some gadgets use imitation patterns that only look like PSE patterns. Other imitations use blinking lights, words, or numbers to indicate “lies”. There are many audio software programs that are sold or given away free over the internet that react to sounds. People have copied that software and sold it as software they claim will do “voice lie detection”. Those “sellers” created fancy websites and use techno-babble that has no real meaning to make buyers think they will be buying real software for “voice lie detection”. Almost any software writer can write software that reacts to sounds. The waveform patterns that look like PSE patterns are NOT exclusive to Voice Stress Analysis™. Even a hospital machine makes patterns that “look” like PSE waveforms. Only Dektor’s technology of Voice Stress Analysis will make the accurate and correct waveforms.

Accurate truth verification, to be used in real crimes and employment screening, must have 4 things: proven technology, proven training techniques, proven testing procedures and proven chart evaluation methods. Only the original Dektor created the proven technology of Voice Stress Analysis in 1969, the correct training techniques, the correct chart analysis techniques and the correct test formats. Only Dektor’s system has been independently proven.

Some imitations use a brochure to “train” people to give lie detection tests. Other imitations have instructors that were never trained and never certified by Dektor®. Those so called “instructors” make up their own training ideas that have shown NO accuracy in real crimes better than a coin toss, about 50% Some imitations use compensated testimonials or use vastly inflated sales figures to impress people to buy their device. Imitations use fancy websites with unreliable hype and techno babble. Those websites may look impressive, but they are very misleading. Those websites brag a lot, but they do not give specifics of what they are and proof about their so-called technology and training. Imitations also use names or adjectives to imply they are like PSE® and perform Voice Stress Analysis™. Those names or adjectives include: “computer voice stress” “voice stress analyzer”, “global voice stress”, “digital voice”, or other names with “voice stress” in their name.

A few devices created “associations” for the people who bought their devices. This was done to make buyers think the sellers company and device are real. A few gadgets use a software “timer” that shuts the machine down each year if the buyer does not pay a “recertification fee” for EACH examiner for life! Those fees can be increased at any time by the seller. Those fees will add up to a lot of wasted money, year after year. The buyers will NEVER own their machine. Some people that used to sell imitations for one company are now selling their own gadget. One company that sells a $15,000 “voice lie detector” sells franchises of their company to people so they can claim they are the inventor of the device. That same company also has about 15 websites that sell various priced “voice lie detectors” from $15 to $25,000. Some of those “voice lie detector” sellers have changed their names and the names of their machines more than once. This probably is because of serious legal actions against them because of their previous unreliable gadgets and training.

Some “sellers” of those fake devices use fake titles of “Dr.” to make people think they are very educated and trained in lie detection. The news media has shown those titles usually came from various internet “diploma mills” that sell those documents for only about $200. The diplomas use names of university’s or colleges that do not exist.

Some sellers of “lie detection” type products use other gimmicks to hype and sell their products. Those products usually sell for about $600. The sellers try to make people think their product will do lie detection WITHOUT a machine of some type. Those gimmicks include 1, 2, or 3 day courses teaching body language, handwriting analysis, written statement analysis or other gimmicks to determine lies. Those sellers have NOT shown any studies of quality that prove their method for lie detection in real crimes is better than a flip of a coin, about 50%. The fact is, anyone can go to a bookstore and buy a book on body language, handwriting analysis, etc for about $5. That would be a far better deal than the very expensive  one, two or three day courses. If you add the costs for travel and hotel costs to go to those classes, those gimmicks become very expensive. Some sellers of imitation “voice lie detectors” and polygraph businesses also sell those 1,2, or 3 day courses. It seems they do not really believe in the accuracy of their own gadgets.

For example, NITV (seller of CVSA, a very unreliable “voice lie detector” for almost 20 years) is one of those businesses that in late 2008 started to promote a “new” way of lie detection. Besides selling CVSA, a device now regarded as only an expensive prop, NITV is also selling a 3 day course, called AIS (Analytical Interviewing System). AIS teaches body language, along with some other of NITV’s unproven and unreliable ideas. NITV claims its AIS has been “field proven for 20 years”. But, just like its gadget CVSA, AIS does not have known verifiable studies available to prove any accuracy above a coin toss. The AIS course is $500. AIS is offered only to law enforcement types who seem to think looking at body language will achieve accurate lie detection. Body language has NEVER been accurate for reliable lie detection. NITV has claimed CVSA is 97% accurate. But, CVSA has never shown any studies that prove it is better than a coin toss in real crimes. CVSA is about $13,000 per device, plus $1,300 per person for training, travel expenses to be trained, time off from work and recertification fees, per person, per year, for LIFE. A real investigator would have to ask “Why spend at least $20,000 for a CVSA if AIS is just as good for lie detection for $500”? The answer is BOTH would be a waste of time and money. Criminal cases would be ruined and law enforcement would be sued.

SCAN is another “quickie” lie detector type course that is 3 days. The basic course is $600 per person. SCAN is sold by a Arizona company called LSI. Its owner is from Israel. LSI offers many courses for various fees to law enforcement. SCAN is based how a person writes his version of the event. No studies have ever shown this type of method has any accuracy above a coin toss.

Another business called Reid, from Illinois, uses speech and body language for lie detection. Reid has offered the course for about 10 years. It costs about $500 for a 3 day course or an “advanced” 4 day course for about $700. Reid, for decades, used to teach polygraph. They do not teach polygraph anymore. The Reid course believes in hard interrogation. They seem to believe if people are screamed at, they will confess to a crime. As a matter of fact, in “Step 6” of their course, Reid says if the person cries then he is guilty. Reid has a online store that sells all types of CD’s, books, video’s, etc. Something for everybody. The Reid course is banned by the courts in England because of the high rate of false confessions.

Another “quicky” body language lie detector course is called F.A.I.N.T. It is actually sold by a polygraph school that trains polygraph and their polygraph school is APA (American Polygraph Association) approved. A real investigator would ask: Why spend about $20,000 to buy a polygraph and the 10 week polygraph course for lie detection, PLUS the massive costs of 10 weeks at a hotel, 10 weeks of meals, travel expenses, 10 weeks of car rental,10 weeks away from work and 10 weeks away from family if a 3 day mini course of body language will do lie detection? Anyone using F.A.I.N.T. would really be putting their “fate” into a dangerous situation.

NEVER settle for anything less than the best for truth verification: PSE® and Voice Stress Analysis®. Use only Dektor’s proven training, testing and chart evaluation techniques for Voice Stress Analysis. They have been proven accurate for truth verification for 50 years.