PSE History

The original Dektor® company was created in 1969 by two former U.S. Army Colonels of Counter-Intelligence: Colonel McQuiston and Colonel Bell. Colonel McQuiston, was a trained polygraph examiner trained by the highly respected government school for polygraph examiners in the 1950’s. The government run polygraph training school only trains polygraph examiners for various U.S. government departments: CIA, FBI, etc. Colonel McQuiston designed the PSE® tests, training and chart analysis techniques. Colonel Bell had been the CIA station chief in West Berlin and later, Seoul. He was also a government trained electronics expert. Colonel Bell designed the technology for Voice Stress Analysis™.

The two Colonels saw a need in the real world for an accurate truth verification system that did not have any of the limitations, drawbacks, inconclusives and unreliable accuracy of the polygraph system. Those limitations and drawbacks include painful attached wires on the subject, time limitation for the tests and counter-measures that can be used by the subject to make the polygraph examiner think the subject is telling the truth when he is actually lying. Those polygraph problems cause lower accuracy. The PSE® and Voice Stress Analysis™ were Colonel McQuiston and Colonel Bell’s answer to those polygraph problems. The polygraph and computer polygraph showed in real cases to be effective for lie detection, but had problems that needed to be overcome. Polygraph was originally invented in about 1916. The computer polygraph system was invented about 1990. It still has some of the problems as a regular polygraph.

The original PSE® instrument, PSE 1, was created in 1969. The next models were PSE 101, PSE Dek, PSE 2000, PSE 4202 and the PSE 5128.  The newest PSE instrument is the PSE-7010. The new PSE system can be used in any PC (laptop or desktop), Android tablet or smartphone and Apple (IOS) Ipad or Iphone. Because of the advanced technology of the PSE 7010, Dektor recommends Windows 7 or newer operating system for PC. The new 64 bit system will work with the 7010. Your computer is not changed in any way. All of its functions can still be used. Now your computer, tablet or smartphone can be a lie detector!

A very important part of the PSE system has always been the tape recording of the entire interview, including the test questions and answers. The tape recording has been a standard part of the PSE system since it was invented in 1969. The tape recorder for the PSE 7010 has been replaced with software that allows direct recording into the computer. A very high quality microphone is used to get the best possible recording for analysis by the PSE and evaluation by the PSE examiner. The recording of the interview preserves all information said by the subject for later review. The recording preserves any confessions by the subject, a great benefit to have in court for  a judge and jury to hear. The recording also protects all PSE examiners, especially law enforcement, from the subject making up accusations against the PSE examiner. When people can hear the subject actually make the confession, in his own words, they know the confession was made voluntarily by the subject. Because the PSE records the entire interview, lawsuits can be eliminated. Any false accusations invented by the suspect later, including what had been said during the interview or what was done during the interview or false claims or false promises, will NOT happen using the PSE system. The recording of the session will always prove what really happened during the interview and test. The PSE examiner is told to keep the recordings for 10 years for later review or the case is appealed. All confessions made by the subject are legal and can be used in court as evidence. Polygraph, computer polygraph and imitation “voice lie detectors” do not record the interview. Their quality suffers greatly because of that.

More and more, year after year, Dektor® and PSE® prove far superior to all other gadgets and methods for truth verification.