Psychology & Medicine

Besides lie detection, the PSE® has been used in many studies and evaluations worldwide in the medical and psychological fields. Those studies and evaluations have been done since PSE® was first invented in 1969 by the original Dektor®. Because of the unique design of the PSE® and its abilities, different tests can be performed to give an in-depth look inside of adults, children, or even animals, especially in the determination of areas of stress and their effects to the human body.

One of Dektor’s exclusively designed and trademarked tests, called WET (Word Emotion Test) is used to determine what area or areas is causing stress and to what degree, both in adults, children or animals. The late Dr. Robert Adler was an experimental psychologist, who was one of the first scientist’s to show how mental processes influence the body’s immune system. It was a finding that changed modern medicine.

Dr. Adler was a professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. He named his new exploration into the relationship of stress and immune problems: psychoneuroimmunology. His studies in the 1970’s showed the relationships between immune cells, hormones and neuro-transmitters. He proved that various stress management techniques  helped reduce arterial plaque, social bonds improve cancer survival, people under stress make illnesses worse. He proved reducing stress makes people healthier. Dr. Adler proved the direct relationship between the mind and body is real.

The WET test is a list of 245 words, each one written on a index card. The words are specific items, emotions, etc. The therapist holds each card up and the patient says each word. All of the patient’s responses are recorded and then charted using PSE. The PSE examiner evaluates each pattern (one pattern for each word on the list) that was spoken by the patient. The therapist (examiner) decides how much stress there is in each pattern. The stress and how much stress in each of the various patterns will tell the therapist the problem or problems and to what degree. Stress is any action or situation that upsets the body’s normal state of being. Stress acts as wear and tear on the body if it is not eliminated. Stress can cause problems that are psychological, medical or behavior in adults, children or warm blooded animals, such as dogs and cats. Even babies vocal sounds can be analyzed for stress. Stress can cause a person to abuse smoking, eating, alcohol or drug use. Stress can cause sleep disorders, headaches, stomach problems, increased anger and many other problems. Stress can cause severe problems in a marriage. With the PSE, accusations of marital infidelity can be proven.

The various PSE tests, including the WET Test, can be done on men or women, in person or over the telephone over any distance, in any language, and at all ages. PSE tests are done without any attached wires, unlike bio-feedback devices that must have attached wires. Those unnatural wires actually induce stress, sometimes more stress than the subject has. That induced stress can cause the therapist to make a wrong decision to the cause of a problem. Words, phrases, or sounds can be analyzed for stress. Therapists use the WET when they first meet the patient to quickly identify the areas to be worked on in therapy. The WET test can be used again later during therapy to show how well that therapy is working eliminating stress. If the stress is not being eliminated with the therapy being used, then the therapist should change the treatment being used. There is no time limit for any PSE tests that are used. After the main WET test is given, additional specific words can be used and evaluated.

Biofeedback devices use only one part of the polygraph. All of the biofeedback devices suffer from the same polygraphs limitations and drawbacks. Those limitations and drawbacks include the attached wires that will induce stress and limit the time a person is “hooked up” because of the increasing pain and/or the unnatural setting of the attached wires. Biofeedback is used as a form of stress management, but its results are poor because the area or areas of stress have not been specifically identified. Using PSE and the WET test, those areas of stress can be determined precisely. Speech therapists can use the WET test during therapy to find what causes stress to a person which might cause them to stutter. Doctors can use the test to determine how effective medications are to a patient. By recording various types of animal sounds and using the PSE, many new discoveries have been made in the field of animal behavior and animal psychology.

PSE has been used in various areas of marriage counseling. For example, a spouse that accuses the other of infidelity, a PSE test can either confirm that or show the spouse was still faithful. PSE tests can also be used if spousal abuse or child abuse is made against a spouse. Children that have various problems, that might be caused by school, with various teachers or subjects, a slight modification of the WET test can be used for their situations.

The PSE has been used with extreme effectiveness in probation and parole areas, such as with sex offenders. Most states are requiring inmates to take lie detector tests before they are released from prison to prove they(inmates) are telling the truth when they say they will obey the rules and regulations of probation or parole. States require the inmates to pay for the tests so the tests do not cost the taxpayer any money. If the inmate is released, a part of their release requires the inmates to be tested twice a year to prove they are not breaking any rules or regulations. The inmate must pay for the tests. If they flunk the test or refuse to take a test, they can be sent back to jail. By making the inmates pay for the tests, they must keep a job. That forces them to stay clean and sober.

The PSE: Proven reliable, effective and valid for 45 years.