Truth Verification

Accurate truth verification solves cases, saves investigative man hours and that saves money. Various PSE® instruments have done that for 45 years.

Accurate truth verification can also save a person’s reputation, save their job, family and save their income because they would not be fired from a job because of a false allegation. Accurate lie detection can save the accused from going to jail because they were incorrectly accused. To law enforcement, saving time means more cases get solved. By saving money, more detective manhours can be spent on more cases.

In the private sector, accurate truth verification is used by many different types of people for many types of criminal and civil incidents. It is also used for pre-employment screening so employers only hire the best and the most honest employee’s. Post-employment screening will show if the employee is still honest and obeying company rules. According to studies, about 60% of all bankruptcies are caused by internal theft by employees. Other studies show that for every $1 lost to shoplifting, about $20 is lost to internal theft. PSE® has been famous worldwide, for 45 years, because PSE gets complete and accurate results when testing people for previous knowledge or involvement of a serious situation and for psychological evaluations.

There is no such thing as a “lie detector”. At the new Dektor, in Pennsylvania, we prefer to call “lie detection” truth verification. Truth verification is a human analytical process. It is the human examiner that decides if the subject is telling the truth. Truth verification is an art, just like practicing medicine or driving a car. The best technology, the best training techniques and the most professional examiner will get the highest accuracy in truth verification if the examiner does what he has been trained.

PSE is used by private businesses, corporations, security companies, law enforcement and others for pre-employment screening. That test is done before hiring to confirm information on the application and honesty of the person, so the best applicant can be determined. PSE is used for post-employment testing. Post employment testing is performed several months after the applicant has been hired to determine if the applicant is still an honest and reliable worker. This includes such things as did they commit any thefts or other activities that are not allowed by the employer. Employment screening is very important for security guards who have access to sensitive areas. Other employees, such as bookkeepers, accountants, computer users or others have positions who can cause very serious damage to a company. Businesses also use the PSE to solve specific internal theft incidents. Employers know using the PSE helps reduce or eliminate theft because the workers know they will be caught. Studies show for every dollar lost to shoplifting, about $20 is lost to internal theft. When book keepers, accountants, computer users and other high level employees embezzle, that will put a company out of business. Employees with access to computers can destroy a company by stealing information or erasing data. Once the data is erased, the data is gone, forever.

Industrial espionage is a worldwide problem that can affect all types of businesses. Trade secrets such as military, industrial, and others, if stolen, can mean a company’s profits and stock prices will collapse. Loss of a company secret can bankrupt a company. Global terrorism today requires companies to know everything about their employees so they do not hire people that only want to disrupt or destroy the company. No paper and pencil honesty tests (including psychological question tests), body language or handwriting type courses can do what the PSE can do. Those other types of tests have no studies to prove accuracy above a flip of a coin. PSE does.

There are many different ways the PSE can be used in the private and public sectors to benefit society. Courts are holding companies responsible for the actions of their employees. If a company does not know everything about a employee and that employee does something wrong on company time, courts will hold the company responsible. The company will lose millions or tens of millions of dollars when they lose lawsuits because of the damage caused by their employee to others. Security today is a high priority. But, security is only thought of in terms of protection from “outsiders”. The real risk is from the inside. Security guards usually get very low security screening, but they are the ones with access to everything of value to a business. Truth verification of testing of security guards will indicate which candidates will be the most reliable and the most honest. Security clearances today are for the security and welfare of every business, its employees and for the public. Insurance companies around the world are using the PSE to investigate claims that could cost an insurance company millions of dollars in a loss per claim. The cost of insurance fraud is always passed to the customers. Airports are using PSE worldwide to screen employees, especially baggage handlers who might steal from luggage, smuggle drugs or do something to harm an airplane and its passengers, such as putting a bomb on the plane.

Some states use truth verification on a regular basis to test sex offenders before they are released from prison. The probation or parole board wants to know if the subject is truthful when he says he intends to be honest in society if released and will they obey the rules when they are released from jail.  If they are released, the sex offenders are tested usually twice a year to make sure they are abiding by the rules of their probation or parole. The sex offenders pay for the tests so the tests never cost the state any money. PSE is also used to test people, who have committed other types of crimes, to see if they should be released on probation or parole. The wrong person released will commit more crimes. PSE has been used in the child welfare programs to test the truthfulness of foster parents when they are accused of abuse to a child. PSE can be used for testing in civil matters to determine which witness or testimony is truthful. There are many types of criminal matters that benefit from the use of accurate truth verification to solve crimes or to eliminate the innocent people. SRO’s (School Resource Officers) use the PSE to determine who was or was not involved in a incident or a allegation, both for students and for teachers if they are accused by a student.