Vipre is another gadget claimed by its owners to be a so-called “voice lie detector”. Its current name is Vipre Technology. About 12 years ago it was called Vipre Systems. It is unknown why the name was changed. It was started by two PI’s who also owned a store front type church. It is operated by six former, high level employees of nitv, the seller of cvsa, a so-called “voice lie detector”that is being known only as a scam today. One of vipre’s workers was the director of nitv for about 12 years. All of vipre’s workers are ex-high level police officers: captains, chiefs of police, etc. They are only the types of workers that are hired by nitv, vipre, etc, because their gadgets are only sold to law enforcement types. It makes their gadget look real when ex-cops sell them to other cops.

Just like all of those other imitation “voice lie detectors”, the facts prove vipre is only another scam that will ruin criminal cases and have innocent people falsely accused.

There seems to be no doubt that vipre is basically selling cvsa and using cvsa’s or close to cvsa’s made up training and chart analysis ideas. Vipre has no studies that that can be found that show their device and training have any credibility to do accurate lie detection, just like cvsa/nitv.

There are no prices given for vipre’s gadget or training on their website. A person must call them for that. Training is 40 hours and is called a “basic” course. Training is online only, an extremely unreliable and unprofessional method to teach lie detection. They have a “advanced examiner” title for those that complete two recertifications and send a videotape of a test. Vipre’s examiners must be “recertified” every two years. No price is given for that.

There are testimonials listed on their website. Most claim they are in law enforcement. Only their names and titles are listed, no agency where they work.  Most of those testimonials also claim they formally used cvsa. They condemned the cvsa and training in their remarks.

There are about 25 other types of so-called “voice lie detectors” sold. Only Dektor® invented the proven technology of Voice Stress Analysis™ in 1969, the only proven training methods and the only proven chart analysis techniques.