Newsmedia Quotes About NITV, CVSA & Humble


“The cvsa reading is absolutely meaningless without a person’s own verbal


Victoria News, 2011; Bob Wall, former Saanich PD, CA. detective,

Instructor for nitv


NITV agreed to pay…. Civil penalty (almost $100,000)… in connection with

unauthorized exports of CVSA to countries not  considered friendly to the U.S.

Dept. of Commerce, 2006


“NITV acknowledges that the CVSA is not capable of lie detection”….

Indianapolis Star, November 2004


William E. Burke, 49, of Odessa, a defense contractor at SoCom, pleaded guilty to bribery… The type of Federal contracts Burke would have overseen ranged…. To $690,000 for a field interrogation tool (CVSA) that would analyze stress in the


St. Petersburg Times, Oct. 15, 2005


Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, 2007

Another study, using real crimes, that showed the accuracy of the CVSA

was only chance level and the system had serious design flaws.


“The Pentagon is also actively halting the use of the CVSA in the field”.

American Spectator, Dec. 15 2005


“Whatever the CVSA may record, it is not stress”

IACP (International Association Chiefs of Police) Arizona Republic, Oct.



“…no independent testing has demonstrated the machines integrity”

Charles Humble, owner NITV, referring to his CVSA;  Arizona Republic,

Oct. 2005


“there is no one like that”

Charles Humble, owner NITV, when asked for the name of any person that did a validity study on his CVSA

ABA Magazine, 1995


“No validity from the scientific community”

FBI, KTNV-TV, 1997


“…we have found no credible evidenc(CVSA)… for determining deception”.

Department of Defense letter, 1996


“It is an honorary degree…awarded by a storefront college”

Referring to the title of “Dr” of “Dr” humble, owner of NITV.

John Wilkens, Union Tribune, 1998


“…the analyzer (CVSA) results were close to chance level..”

National Academy of Sciences, 2003, referring to the study by John

Palmatier, Certified CVSA examiner and scientist.


“NITV opted out of the study”

Security Management Magazine, 2001, referring to NITV refusing to allow

CVSA to be used in a validity study by the Air Force Research Lab


“Charles Humble, former ISSA member #399, was expelled from the Society for unethical conduct”…

International Society for Stress Analysts newsletter, 1987


“Armstrong vs Maricopa County sheriff, 2005

Another lawsuit involving CVSA and unreliable training