The NEW PSE® 7010 for Windows PC, Android and iOS

IT’S HERE! The world’s latest and most advanced Voice Stress Analysis™ technology for truth verification that ever has been designed: PSE-7010. The PSE-7010, designed only by the new Dektor® in Pennsylvania, uses the proven system of Voice Stress Analysis™ that the original Dektor® invented in 1969. No polygraph, computer polygraph or imitation “voice lie detector” gadget sold today can come close to the PSE®. The PSE-7010 is the most modern system today for lie detection with complete reliability, effectiveness and validity. The PSE 7010 technology can be used in any PC (laptop or desktop, Android touch tablet or smartphone and Apple (IOS) Ipad or Iphone.

For 45 years, the PSE® has been known worldwide because PSE® constantly proves it is the most superior system for truth verification. Only the Dektor system has proven it is the real technology for Voice Stress Analysis™. Only the Dektor® system has been proven to determine truth or deception in criminal cases, employment screening and for many types of psychological evaluations.

The PSE 7010 technology is a revolutionary breakthrough for Voice Stress Analysis™. It uses digital technology in a software program. The PSE 7010 will never break or wear out.The PSE 7010 can be used on the new 64 bit systems. Because of the advanced technology, Dektor recommends Windows 7 or later operating systems for best results. The computer, tablet or phone functions are not changed in any way and can still be used as they were originally. A very high quality microphone is provided to record the best possible vocal responses.  PSE 7010 program is not affected by viruses. Anyone who used the earlier PSE models (PSE 1, PSE 101, PSE Dek, PSE 2000, PSE 4202, PSE 5128), can instantly use the PSE 7010 systems. No additional training is needed. Earlier PSE examiners knew how easy PSE was to learn and to use. The PSE 7010 systems are just as easy to learn and use.

The PSE 7010 provides the same FANTASTIC accuracy that has made the PSE famous worldwide for over 45 years! The new PSE 7010 software is designed so the entire interview and tests can be recorded and saved to the memory. The PSE examiners are told to keep their recordings for 10 years so any details can be reviewed in court, such as interviews, pictures, etc. Without the recording, important details or a confession would be lost. Some law enforcement departments still rely on the old hand written paper and pencil confession by a subject. Courts and juries usually reject written confessions as not trustworthy. Using the PSE system, a judge or jury can hear a recorded confession in the subjects own voice and words. That will always win the case. Polygraph, computer polygraph and imitation “voice lie detectors” do not use a recorder. They suffer greatly because of that.

The PSE 7010 technology puts every type of “lie detection” gadget or method today in last place. Especially, those imitation “voice lie detectors”. The PSE 7010 technology prevents distortion of patterns.  Imitation “voice lie detectors” do not have that. Those imitations, because of unreliable “technology”, poor quality software and the wrong microphones, can have their imitation chart patterns distorted. Because of all of those faults, the examiner’s accuracy is not better than 50%, only a toss of a coin. If distortion happens, innocent people could be falsely accused, including police officers if they took a test with a imitation “voice lie detector”. The PSE 7010 has a test button so the examiner always knows his system is working properly. This unique feature on the PSE 7010 provides the examiner proof in court that his PSE instrument was working correctly.

On previous PSE models, each verbal answer of the subject had to be charted using many steps and printed on special chart paper. The PSE 7010 eliminates those unneeded steps and chart paper. The PSE examiner only uses a keystroke to cut and store each vocal test answer of the subject. The PSE 7010 technology filters the vocal answers automatically. Those various patterns are stored in various Answer Boxes.  At the top half of the PSE 7010 computer screen is a row of answer boxes. There are a total of 65 answer boxes that can be filled with answers or words. At the bottom half of the computer screen, the Raw Voice Data is displayed. The Raw Voice Data is the recorded information that was entered and stored in the computer. Each answer of the subject is “clipped” from the Raw Voice Data by the PSE examiner using a simple keystroke. The clipped answers are automatically charted and stored in the answer boxes. The examiner can display each answer in various sizes. You compare the various patterns to each other to see which patter has the most stress that would indicate either truth or deception. Patterns can be displayed on the computer screen or printed out on any computer printer. You can change the colors of the pattern cycles and the background of the cycles depending on how you want to view the data information.

With the PSE 7010, there are no more expensive rolls of chart paper to buy like on earlier PSE models or tape recorder cassettes or reels. No more replacing those expensive chart printers or the heat stylus needles. All cases can be stored as files in the computer and recalled anytime already charted. The entire interview can be heard at any time. This includes test questions and answers that can be heard at any time. The examiner can type in and store various types of information, including his name, suspect’s name, date, type of case, test questions and their answers of yes or no and any information the examiner wants to type in. Various words that are used for psychological evaluations can also be stored for display.The PSE 7010 gives the examiner everything he needs to perform all PSE tests.

PSE is the “Easy to Learn, Easy to Use” lie detection system.