PSE & Training Costs

The PSE is the “Easy to Learn, Easy to Use” lie detection system. The Dektor® name has been the leader in lie detection for 50 years and will always be the leader. The new Dektor® has many different versions of our proven PSE-7010 digital technology. PSE 7010 is a software program that can make your PC, laptop or desktop (XP, 7, Vista, 8 or 10), Android tablet or smartphone or your Apple (IOS Ipad or Iphone)  into a lie detection system. The PSE software program does not change those devices in any way. They can still be used for all of their built in functions and be able to connect to the internet. The PSE will never break and never wear out. It will last forever! Only the new Dektor invented a unique process for Voice Stress Analysis® that is used in the PSE 7010.

Because the PSE is a software program, it will save you many tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime because you will not have to replace it if it was a machine or device. Each PSE software license is $3,500usd for any platform device used: PC, Android or IOS. A license is good for only one device. The PSE has many great features, including unlimited PSE feature software updates for 5 years. After you buy a PSE, reloads of the PSE are available if you want to buy a new computer, if you lose your computer, if you break it, if it is stolen, if the computer is infected by a fatal virus, if the hard drive breaks, etc. Each reload is $1,000usd. In addition, Dektor gives you FREE limited email and phone consultations pertaining to your use of the PSE. Our IT department is based in the great USA. Narrative Analysis is another great feature of the PSE system.

Our excellent training course has been provided worldwide for 50 years. The new Dektor continues to use the same proven training techniques, test formats and chart analysis techniques that were invented by the original Dektor in 1969. Dektor’s training course for the PSE is 10 continuous days. The course is only $2,500 per person. The course is taught only in English. The student must speak and understand English fluently. If a translator is needed, the host must supply one. You can be trained at Dektor, near Allentown (Pennsylvania,USA) or you can have one of our instructors at any location, worldwide. The travel fee for the instructor, within the USA, is $2,500. Outside of the USA, call Dektor for a price. If an instructor is requested at a location, a suitable training site must be provided and paid for by the client. During the course, various quizzes and tests are given. At the end of the course, a very detailed final exam is given. Both the quizzes, tests and final exam MUST be passed before a student is certified by Dektor to be a PSE examiner. If a student fails the course, if they take the course again it is at the regular training price. Dektor gives the complete training course in one course. Some imitation “computer voice stress” type lie detectors or other types of “voice lie detectors” offer so-called “advanced” courses only so the seller can make extra money. Those “advanced” courses will also cost you more money for travel expenses, hotel, lost time at work, etc. Their “advanced courses” are the same as their regular training course, but only much shorter.

If you have been trained in any previous PSE versions (PSE 1, PSE 101, PSE Dek, PSE 2000, PSE 4202, PSE 5128), you do not need to go to another  training course. If you have not performed any PSE testing for a few years, Dektor strongly urges you to take the course again so you will be as qualified to perform the tests and correctly analyze the results as when you were originally trained. The training fees still apply.

Dektor allows UNLIMITED trained examiners per PSE. Some imitation “computer voice stress” type lie detectors or other lie detectors only allow one or two examiners per gadget. They force you to buy more of their gadgets if you  want to have more examiners using one gadget. That costs you a lot of wasted money, PLUS you are NOT getting the real PSE system and proven training.

Dektor® has NO “RECERTIFICATIONS” and NO “RECERTIFICATION FEES” of examiners. Some imitation “computer voice stress” type lie detectors charge very expensive recertification fees and unnecessary recertifications per person, per year, for LIFE! They do that only so they can make more money. Other imitation “voice lie detectors” use software that shuts off every year unless you pay a “fee” is paid. You will have to pay those fees for LIFE. The “fee” can be increased by the seller at any time.  If you do not pay those fees, all of the money you spent for one of those gadgets will be wasted. If your gadget shuts off, you will NOT have any machine to use for lie detection. Those “fees”, depending on the seller, are about $300, per person, per year, for LIFE!

When the PSE 7010 is installed into a tablet or smartphone, using the various functions of the PSE program, the investigator can actually give and record lie detection tests in the field when he is at a crime scene. Time is most important when solving a crime. If the investigator believes he has a person of interest, he can give a lie detection test to the person to know if they were involved in any way. Along with lie detection, the investigator can record the interviews with any number of witnesses. Those recordings can be preserved and transferred to a regular computer. Audio recordings help the investigator because he can concentrate on asking questions of witnesses and not worry about writing notes. Audio recordings can also show when witnesses change their story later. Pictures and video can also be made of the witnesses interviewed  or at the scene using the tablet or smartphone. No more carrying around bulky cameras or waiting until a police photographer shows up. Valuable information can be lost if documentation is not made immediately, especially in bad weather. The investigator can also make phone calls and Skype video calls to anywhere in the US.

If a tablet or smartphone is used, Dektor strongly suggests using only the top quality ones that also have the most storage space. With certain tablets, you can also add a detachable keyboard for faster typing of reports for the tests that are given.

Dektor urges you to read the famous 230 page book proving the complete reliability, effectivness and validity of the PSE system. The link to the book is located on our homepage. The book is called “Investigative Proof of the Reliability and Value of the Psychological Stress Evaluator in Science, Medicine, and Law”. The book was published in 1980 by Mr. Michael Kradz. His book proved the complete reliability, effectiveness, and validity of the PSE system. This includes PSE technology, Dektor’s exclusive training techniques and Dektor’s proven chart analysis techniques. Mr. Kradz had been a U.S. Government trained polygraph examiner, Chief of Investigations for the state of Maryland in the 1960’s and Mr. Kradz has a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Watch our 15 minute video on our website that shows how easy the PSE 7010 software is to learn and use.

If you have any questions, please email or call Dektor. We look forward to answering all of your questions. Our customer service is based in the great USA.